Webinar: Career Preparation in the Land Grant Tradition with Michael Bugeja

In the academic capstone class of the Greenlee School, we require media ethics students to create an online portfolio with personal ethics code featuring their skills and preparing them for the workplace, with most of our students finding first jobs and internships in Iowa. We believe that capstone courses (at Greenlee, media law and ethics) should address this pertinent question: “What are you doing for the state of Iowa?” In our case, with are preparing students to contribute to the state economy, showcasing their work via one link on that documents their abilities across at least two media platforms and helping the vast majority of them to secure a position within six months of commencement.

Students in the Greenlee School’s media ethics class, accessible at myethicsclass.com, create a digital portfolio with a personal ethics code. The assignment plays a major role in our assessment and placement efforts, key compliance components for accreditation or reaccreditation by the Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. You can view a selection of portfolio links by visiting: https://myethicsclass.com/portfolios/. (Students have given written permission to share their links on the class website.)

You can view a video about our requirements here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUoqhGl9MWA

The results of our process pay high dividends: Our 2021 statistics during the pandemic have just been released, with 88.3% of 60 advertising majors procuring employment. Some 90.7% of 45 journalism majors and 95% of 59 public relations majors also secured jobs, with a few entering the military or graduate school.

Dr. Michael Bugeja, distinguished professor of journalism, will share the videos and processes he uses to help students create these stunning showcases of their work. Career placement not only contributes to the state economy, it also helps students alleviate debt, enabling them secure positions within the state and remain citizens and taxpayers. Many are so grateful that they contribute to our several endowments funds. Our portfolios also demonstrate the character of our students via their personal ethics codes.

Learn how you, too, can inspire and prepare students in the land-grant tradition, informing constituents that we are focusing on excellence in learning and teaching.

Upon attending this session, you will come away with new approaches to career development, using internet and blog sites. You will also see how theoretical classes, such as media ethics, can be transformed via individual projects that highlight what they have learned while at Iowa State University.


Note:  This Event Will Be Recorded