Visual Literacy Tools for Curriculum in STEM Fields

Join University Museums CELT Faculty Affiliate, Dr. William Gallus, and University Museums curator Adrienne Gennett for a workshop to learn how to integrate visual literacy and learning into curriculum using University Museums Art on Campus Collection. Basic concepts for understanding how faculty can engage students to become better attuned to reading visual information will be presented by looking at several examples of art connected to STEM fields. Participants will be guided in ways to help students learn how to dissect and interpret visual information that can then become part of a toolkit for better critical thinking and communication skills. 

Using Instructional AI to Improve Critical Thinking, Engagement, and Metacognition

Learn how fellow Iowa State instructors are utilizing an alternative to the Canvas discussion board and writing tool that frees up their time while increasing the engagement and critical thinking in their courses.

  • Use AI in an effective and pedagogically sound way.
  • Use AI to the student’s advantage (improving academic writing skills), the instructor’s advantage (saving time on grading, streamlining the grading/feedback process, and giving students instant feedback and coaching on their writing), and the classroom’s advantage (increasing engagement inside and outside of the traditional classroom and improving students’ critical thinking skills).