Grade Submission Using Canvas

The Canvas Gradebook is used to calculate students’ grades throughout the semester for grade submission. Join us virtually for this workshop, focusing on using the ISU AdminTools: Submit Grades tool to transfer midterm and final grades to the Registrar.

Attendees will also learn strategies to ensure a transparent grading process throughout the semester.

New Quizzes: Building a New Quiz

Join us for a fully virtual, one-hour training for a hands-on experience with New Quizzes. CELT consultants will lead instructors through:

    • Building different question types
    • Highlight three new question types, available only in New Quizzes
    • Explore randomization of questions using Item Banks

Please come with any questions you may have about New Quizzes question creation. The final 15 minutes of the session will be saved for questions.

Preparing for Final Exams & End of Semester (Teaching Tip)

Students studying in the Student Innovation Center at Iowa State University
As we wrap up the Fall semester and prepare for final exams, here are a few resources and key pieces of information to keep in mind:
  • Grades are due December 21. All grades must be submitted by 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, December 21. The End-of-Semester Checklist provides resources to help you submit grades through Canvas. The CELT Instructional Design Team will also hold Open Labs specifically focused on grade submission on December 20 and December 21 from 9 a.m.-2:15 p.m. in 3015 Morrill and online via Webex. Stop by at your convenience.
  • Course conclusion in Canvas. The anticipated date for Canvas course conclusion for Fall term courses is January 3, 2022. All faculty with Fall courses on Canvas are encouraged to review the Course Conclusion in Canvas CELT webpage, which provides tips to help you navigate the course conclusion process.
  • Winter Break hours. CELT will operate on a modified schedule over the winter term in an effort to conserve energy with fewer activities on campus. The CELT office will be closed the week of December 27-31. Beginning January 3, CELT will be open with modified hours of 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday. We will resume normal business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) when the Spring semester begins on Tuesday, January 18.
  • Canvas Support, 24/7. We would like to remind you that Canvas support is available 24/7 if you are in need of assistance while our offices are closed or on a modified schedule. Follow the “? Help” icon in your left navigation bar in Canvas for all of the support options available to you.
If you need any further assistance, you can always email This will create a ticket and one of our team members will be assigned to help you as soon as they’re able. We wish you the best as we enter the final weeks of the semester!

Full Teaching Tip

View the published CELT Teaching Tip: Resources for Success (December 2, 2021 – Constant Contact) page.

Prefer a Print Version?

To view the Teaching Tip as a printable document with web addresses, download the CELT Teaching Tip for December 2, 2021 (PDF).

Canvas: Extended Wait Times for Support

Users are experiencing extended wait times when contacting Canvas Support. To help Support Representatives quickly assist you, please prepare the following information while you wait:

  • The link to the Canvas course experiencing the issue
  • Your role in that course
  • The time the issue occurred
  • Which browser you were using
  • Who is impacted by the issue
  • Detailed description of the issue
You may also contact your local support unit for assistance.

Global Course Administration: Winter Session 2021 Now Available

Implementation Date: November 17, 2020.

Instructors teaching in the winter session can now create Winter Session 2021 Canvas courses using the Prepare to Teach tool.

Follow the steps in the Start of Semester Checklist for Canvas, choosing the Winter Session 2021 term.

Instructors, if you…

  • Previously started developing a winter session course using Spring 2021, you will need to import the course content into a Winter Session course shell in order to properly connect to Registrar sections.
  • Created your course for Winter Session 2021 using the Request a New Course Shell option, you can now associate it with the Registrar section using Prepare to Teach.

Canvas: Update on New Quizzes Implementation

The ISU Learning Technology Change Advisory Board continues to monitor the progress and development of the Canvas New Quizzes tool. You also can follow this progress by bookmarking and viewing the New Quizzes Feature Comparison page.

Until New Quizzes includes support for proctoring tools, has garnered substantial support from our fellow R1 peer institutions, and obtains feature parity with the existing Quiz tool, Iowa State University will not enable the New Quizzes tool. Once the ISU Learning Technology Change Advisory Board finds Canvas New Quizzes to be an adequate replacement, the campus community will be notified in a timely manner via the CELT Instructional Tools News and Updates page.

October 7, 2021

Instructure (Canvas) has released an aggressive timeline for the implementation of New Quizzes and sunset of Classic Quizzes. See more information about next steps.

September 14, 2021

Instructure (Canvas) has provided more information on moving toward New Quizzes. See the four phases and their associated milestones on the Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline.

January 8, 2021
Canvas has extended the anticipated implementation date of New Quizzes to July 2022.

March 15, 2021

Canvas has released a blog post sharing their intended priorities for New Quizzes. You can find the short-term priorities in the overall Canvas roadmap. Recent updates and bug fixes are listed below.

  • Modules Support for New Quizzes: New Quizzes can be created as part of adding a quiz to a module.
  • Outcomes Decoupling Mastery Scales and Proficiency Calculations: Set mastery scales and proficiency calculations independently of outcomes for New Quizzes.
  • Multiple Attempts Display: When the Quiz LTI (new quizzes) was selected as the submission type for a new assignment, the assignment creation page included the option for multiple attempts. However, the option for multiple attempts was also included as part of the quiz settings in the new quiz. Canvas code has been updated to remove the option for multiple attempts for the Quiz LTI in new assignments.
  • New Quizzes and Peer Review Settings: When a New Quiz was created right after a regular assignment that included automatic peer reviews, the New Quiz inherited the peer review setting and displayed a review in the student To Do list. Canvas code has been updated to not inherit peer review settings for previously created assignments.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser and Extensions: When a student is given an extension in a New Quiz with an Until date set after the Until date for everyone else, and the student is using the Respondus LockDown Browser, beginning the quiz created a spinning wheel that never loaded the quiz. Canvas code has been updated to allow students with extensions to complete a quiz using the Respondus LockDown Browser.

Follow-up: Tips, tricks & opportunities for grading in Canvas (ISU Online Learning Community)

Below please see the notes from the ISU OLC meeting on grading in Canvas which took place on Friday, March 12:

Grading in Canvas

Drs. Amani Elobeid (Economics) and Cristina Bonaccorsi (Chemistry) shared their tips on grading in Canvas:

Stay on top of your grading:

Know how Canvas calculates student grades:

Grade Submission via ISU Admin Tools in Canvas

CELT and ITS collaborated to bring very useful changes to the midterm submission process via ISU AdminTools inside your Canvas courses. Please review the ISU AdminTools: Submit Grades resource on the CELT website.

Canvas Updates

  • Spring 2021 midterms are due Mar. 19 by 2:15 p.m.
  • Math questions in quizzes: math formulas are now rounded correctly.
  • Numerical questions with precise answers in quizzes: no more autogenerated decimal places in precision answers.
  • New Quizzes: CELT continues monitoring this new feature before it is implemented in ISU’s Canvas instance.
  • For more updates, please check out the CELT Instructional Tools News and Updates page on the CELT website.

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