Global Announcement Request Process

The request form for a Global Announcement on Canvas can be accessed through Qualtrics. Requestors complete and submit the necessary information, which includes the title of the announcement, message, target population, and when the announcement should be posted.

Once a request is received, the process below takes place.

Approval Process

  1. The requestor submits a request by completing the Global Announcements Request Form.
  2. The CELT Canvas Administration Supervisor will determine the level of approval needed and share the message for approval.
  3. After creating the announcement, the lead CELT Canvas Administration Supervisor will share the draft with the requestor for review.

The table below provides various tiers, descriptions, examples, and the timing for each tier. 





   Requests will be processed…Messages will be posted for…

Tier 0

Messages from the Senior Vice President’s Office, President’s
Office, and Dean of Students
Invitation to provide feedback
after a Town Hall
Within 24 hours24-48 hours

Tier 1

Major instructional
technology outages
Potential applications include Top
Hat, Webex, Respondus
Lockdown Browser, and specific
Canvas features.
30 minutes after the
outage is reported
24-48 hours

Tier 2

Recurring CELT-generated
messages pertaining to the
academic calendar
CELT beginning, middle, and end of
the semester messages
Within 48 hoursUp to one week

Tier 3

Other academic-related
Messages from units such as the
Writing and Media Center, Academic Success Center, or Student
Accessibility Center
Within 2-3 working
Up to one week

Tier 4

Other requestsMessages about student
government information and
student advising
Within a week

2-4 days

Weekly messages can be posted for a 24-hour period if they are different messages about the same topic

Tier 5

Department-specific requests
and requests from student clubs
 Messages will not be approvedMessages will not be approved