Vimeo is a video storage and sharing service. It supports storage and management, collaboration, marketing, and live streaming. Instructors can use Vimeo to provide instructional content or have students use Vimeo to create video content.

  • Video storage
  • Live streaming
  • Sharing and collaboration

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Uploading Videos to Vimeo

To upload a video to Vimeo:

  1.  Login to Vimeo using your Vimeo user-id and password
  2. Click on Upload a video tab to upload the video file
  3. Select a title, add tags, select language and set the privacy setting to hide the video from Vimeo searches
  4. When the upload is complete, click on Go to video.

Adding Vimeo Content to a Canvas Course

To embed Vimeo videos in our Canvas course page:

  1. Click on the Embed tab
  2. Click on Get Embed Code,
  3. Copy the code
  4. Paste it to your course page using an HTML editor

Student Resources

Watching Vimeo content in your Canvas course

Simply click play on the video to begin streaming.


Vimeo Basic is free. There are advanced memberships available at an additional cost. 


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