TidyUp (Cidi Labs)

TidyUP is a content cleanup tool for Canvas courses, making it easier to identify unpublished pages, delete outdated content, and remove empty folders in Canvas.

  • Identifies unused files in a Canvas course
  • Checks for unpublished Pages
  • Easily deletes unused files

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Add TidyUP to Your Course Navigation:

  1. Select Settings from the course navigation menu.
  2. Select the Navigation tab.
  3. Drag and drop the TidyUP item from the bottom to the top section and select Save when done.

Scan Your Course:

  1. Select TidyUP in your Course Navigation
  2. From the TidyUP Welcome page, select Scan Course button.
  3. Scanning is now in progress. Depending on the content amount, it will be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.
  4. After scanning, selecting all content and downloading it for a backup is recommended.

Review and Delete Content:

Once the report is run, use the File Type and Show filters to review content. All unused files can be bulk selected and deleted. Files in use cannot be deleted.


All faculty and staff members with an Iowa State Net-ID added to Canvas as Teacher, Co-Teacher, TA, or Designers have access at no charge. 


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