Roll Call Attendance

Roll call attendance is an easy way to record attendance in the canvas system and have it accumulate a percentage grade in the grade book. 


  • Adds attendance grade to grade book
  • Set grate for “Late” attendance 

Getting Started

 The Roll Call Attendance tool is an add-on in Canvas.


Using the Roll Call Attendance tool in your Canvas course

To enable the Roll Call Attendance tool in any course:

  1. Login into Canvas and open the course.
  2. Follow the steps in the ‘How do I manage Course Navigation links?‘ guide to enable the link for the Attendance.
  3. Click Save.

Once the Attendance tool has been enabled for your course, an Assignment labeled Roll Call Attendance will be available for your students. You can edit the date and time that this assignment is due.

To avoid calculation errors, never delete, rename, or unpublish the Attendance assignment.


Using the Roll Call Attendance tool in your Canvas course

Your instructor will input your attendance for each lecture.

You can view your attendance score by going to the Canvas course and selecting Grades, then view the Roll Call Attendance submission details.

Online Documentation