Review your course for accuracy. Check that the following are true:

  • ☑ All necessary items are Published for students to see.
  • ☑ Group sets and groups are properly configured and assignments are set to use groups when appropriate.
  • ☑ Due dates and availability dates are properly configured. Remember that if you move a due date by dragging it around on the Calendar, you also must edit the Assignment details to adjust its availability dates.

    Tip: Set an Available from date to prevent students from accessing certain items such as exams ahead of time.

  • ☑ The Gradebook is properly configured. See Key Concepts for Grading in Canvas.
  • ☑ A useful course homepage has been selected.
  • ☑ The course navigation is customized to meet your needs.
  • ☑ Use the Student View to review the entire course.