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Quizlet helps learners create and share learning content such as diagrams and flashcards. It also can provide prompts to remind students to study. Quizlet can help your students produce study programs that work for them. It provides a platform for them to create and share learning content such as diagrams and flashcards. And it can provide adaptive study plans and reminders to study. 



  • Flashcards
  • Diagrams
  • Adaptive study programs
  • Reminders to focus 
  • Mobile application

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Enabling Perusall in the course navigation

To add the Perusall tool to your Canvas course:

  • Open your Canvas course.

Previewing content in Perusall

To check your Perusall assignments in student view, you must use the Perusall Student View. The Canvas feature will not pass through to Perusall.

Student Resources

Getting started with Perusall

You will be automatically added to the Perusall course when your instructor connects it to Canvas.

To ensure you are up to speed on Perusall features, read these brief Perusall tutorials:

  1. How do I create, edit, or delete a comment?

Completing Perusall reading assignments

To access your Perusall reading assignments, navigate to the Canvas assignment and click through to Perusall. Navigating directly within Perusall will prevent your score from properly synching to Canvas.



The Perusall platform is free for students, instructors, and educational institutions when used with your own uploaded materials or Open Educational Resources added from the web. Simply log in through Canvas using your ISU Net-ID.