Packback is a “smart” discussion platform that promotes and assess critical thinking in students.  Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Packback becomes a writing tutor for every student and a grading assistant for every instructor. 

  • Engage curiosity, increase motivation, and support writing practice. 
  • Improve and assess students’ written communication and research skills on essays and writing assignments. 
  • Provide every student with the exact support and praise they need to succeed with highly scalable instructor tools. 


  • AI-supported online discussion platform with live in-line coaching
  • AI-powered platform for essays and writing assignments that coaches writing and research skills.
  • Curiosity Scoring System
  • Learner Leaderboard with Stats

Getting Started

Use these resources on their own and/or within Canvas.

Instructor Resources

Using Packback in your Canvas course

To set up the Packback tool in your Canvas course, view the following help guides: 

Syllabus Statement

Add the statement below to the required technologies section of your syllabus.

This course will use Packback for online discussions. Visit the Packback learning tool guide to view the terms of service, privacy policy, accessibility statement, and steps for getting started.

Student Resources

Using Packback in your Canvas course

To use the Packback tool in your Canvas course, click on the Packback link in the course navigation. 

For more information, see the Packback Student Support resources.


  • Information available on Packback website