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Macmillan Learning provides a place where students can read, study, practice, and complete homework. If a course uses Macmillan Learning content, this LTI can help integrate the content, homework, and grades such that it is organized for students to access and for instructors to grade.


  • Pre-built quizzes
  • Book questions are in the online system
  • The ability to create new questions

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Adding Macmillan Learning to Your Canvas Course

  1. Open your Canvas course. 
  2. Follow the steps in the  ‘How do I manage Course Navigation links?‘ guide to enable the link for Macmillan Learning 
  3. Select Save 
  4. Click Macmillan Learning link in your course navigation. 
  5. Choose the Macmillan Learning Tool you wish to integrate with your course: Connect with Launchpad, Connect with Sapling, or Connect with Achieve. 
  6. Sign into your Instructor Profile by entering your Macmillan credentials and Submit. 
  7. Continue with sign-on by clicking Continue, then Authenticate. 
  8. Click Authorize to integrate your account, and then Continue to finish provisioning. 
  9. Locate your Macmillan Course, confirm that the course name and course ID match the course you would like to connect to Canvas, and click Associate. 
  10. Click Yes, Associate This Course, and then choose OK.
  11. Troubleshoot problems with integration with this online resource 

Using Macmillan Learning in Your Canvas Course

  1. Click the Macmillan Learning link in your Canvas course.
  2. A number of tool links will be displayed. Information on these tools is available here.
  3. You may add/link Macmillan content to Canvas with or without gradebook synchronization 

Synchronize Content to Canvas Gradebook

This will create a link to an assignment within your Canvas course and a synched gradebook column. View the video available through YouTube.

  1. In a Macmillan course, assign items with a due date and points (if changes to the due date and/or points are made within Canvas, the automatic grade sync may not function properly) 
  2. If you wish to utilize weighted percentages or drop the lowest scores, create assignment groups and rules for assignment groups within Canvas. 
  3. Log in to Canvas and open the course. 
  4. Select Macmillan Learning and then click Macmillan Content. 
  5. Open assignments folder, assignments that have been assigned a due date and points within Macmillan Learn will appear. Gray unbolded font indicates the assignment is available to add, bold font indicates the assignment has already been added to Canvas. 
  6. Select the check boxes next to the assignments you wish to add. 
  7. Click Next, Choose Location.
  8. To add assignments within a module(s) choose a location, if you do not choose a location items will be added to the assignments tab. 
  9. Click Deploy Selected Content 
  10. Close the confirmation to return to Canvas. 
  11. Publish the assignments within the Modules or Assignments tab. 
  12. Assignments added to sync with the gradebook will display with an assignment icon in the Modules tab. 

Adding Content Without Synchronization to Canvas Gradebook

View the video available through YouTube.

  1. Within the Achieve/Launchpad/Sapling course, assign items with due date and points. You must assign points within Achieve/Launchpad/Sapling before you may add them to Canvas even when they will not be added to your Canvas grade book. 
  2. Log in to Canvas and open course. 
  3. Go to Modules tab and click +Module at the top of the Module where you would like to add Achieve/Launchpad/Sapling content. From the Add drop-down list select External Tool and click Macmillan Learning. 
  4. Choose the content you would like to add. You can either choose an assignment to link or create a link to the Achieve/Launchpad/Sapling Home Page by clicking either Achieve/Launchpad/Sapling Home or Student Registration. All ungraded items can only be added one at a time. 
  5. Click Deploy Selected Content. 
  6. Check the box Load in a new tab and click Add Item. 
  7. Publish the assignments within the Modules tab. 
  8. Assignments that will not be synced to the Canvas grade book will display with a chain-link icon in the Modules tab. 

Student Resources

Pair your Canvas Account with Macmillan Learn

Note 1: Macmillan recommends you utilize Google Chrome to access Macmillan Learn.

Note 2: Macmillan ebooks are included and accessed with the Macmillan Learn tool in the course navigation. They are not available through the Immediate Access tool.

  1. Login into Canvas. 
  2. Open the course using Macmillan Learn. 
  3. Register with your Iowa State email. 
  4. Troubleshoot problems with Macmillan.