H5P makes creating, sharing, and reusing HTML5 content and applications easy. H5P empowers everyone to create rich and interactive web experiences more efficiently – all you need is a web browser and a website with an H5P plugin. 

  • H5P content may be embedded in any platform that supports embedded content (iframes).  
  • With H5P, authors may create and edit interactive videos, presentations, games, advertisements, and more. Content may be imported and exported
  • H5P content is responsive and mobile-friendly, meaning users will experience the same rich, interactive content on computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

New H5P content can be created within Canvas, but it is a good idea to explore the content types and practice creation on H5P’s website before building within Canvas.

For inspiration in getting started, look at some of H5P’s example content.

Create Interactive Content in H5P

When you log into H5P through Canvas or the H5P website, there will be a folder with the Author’s name. It is important to add all new content inside this folder.

Note: For easier navigation, creating a sub-folder in the primary Author’s folder for each course or project is recommended. Content should be given unique, meaningful names.

Add H5P Content to Canvas

H5P can be added as assignments, modules, or inline on pages in Canvas. Note that Canvas only tracks grades from assignments.

Additional Resources

Student Resources

Using H5P with Your Canvas Course

H5P can be accessed in the same manner as all other Canvas content through Modules, Assignments, and/or Pages.


This tool is available to departments that have purchased the license.  


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