Great River Learning

Great River Learning is a textbook platform and assessment tool that works one-on-one with instructors to develop engaging and relevant educational products for students. Great River Learning’s integration with Canvas provides analytical information on student progress and grade sync with the Canvas gradebook.  

  • Engaging students with fresh, relevant, continually updated materials. 
  • Integrating technology and multi-media into powerful learning tools. 
  • Providing superior support to our educators and students. 

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Using Great River Learning with Your Canvas Course

Important Notes Before Beginning

  • Assignments need to be published in Canvas.
  • Students need to be added to the Canvas section that corresponds with their Great River Learning (GRL) section.
  • Currently, only assignment types in Canvas can pass grades back to GRLContent. Quizzes, discussions, etc. don’t have the option to add the external tool submission type in step 2. This means even quizzes and other grade items will need to be made as an assignment to pass those grades from GRLContent.
  • If there are any questions on which assignments/quizzes/tests are in GRLContent, please contact the account manager or the onboarding team at

Adding Content to Canvas

  1. In Canvas, select Dashboard and navigate to the course you want to integrate.
  2. In the course you want to integrate, click Assignments. All assignments/quizzes/tests need to be added here that will be synced to GRLContent. 
  3. Click +Assignment in the top right to add a new assignment, or edit a current assignment to add the LTI link.
    1. Name the item
    2. Assign point values for each items
    3. Change Submission Type to External Tool 
    4. Click Find and scroll down to GRLContent and click Select. 
    5. Select Load This Tool in a New Tab
    6. Click Save and Publish
  4. Repeat Step 3 above until all assignments, tests, and/or quizzes that are to be synced are added in your Canvas course
  5. Launch GRLContent from any Canvas assignment by clicking on the assignment link from within Canvas.
    1. Once you have clicked on the assignment link, you should receive the following screenExample gradebook in Great River Learning
    2. Select the + sign to the left of the grade book you are working on.
      • Note: This step syncs the grade book and must be completed to make the connection. If you do not see the message “Choose a Grade Book to associate with your LMS,” it means the course has already been linked to a different grade book and GRL will need to resolve the issue. 
    3. After the grade book has been paired, the individual components need to be connected between Canvas and GRLContent. See ‘Pairing Grade Book Elements’ below.

Pairing Grade Book Elements

Once the GRL grade book is paired to Canvas, individual GRL components must be selected to sync into Canvas assignments. 

Student Resources

Using Great River Learning in Your Canvas Course

Great River Learning assignments can be found in the same manner as all Canvas course Assignments (e.g., assignments page, modules, calendar, to do list).