Canvas Scheduler

Canvas Scheduler enables an instructor to create appointment groups. Appointment groups create a block of time where students can meet with you. Students can sign up for appointment times in their own calendars.

Appointments display in your calendar after a student or group has reserved a time slot. Appointment details are also included when you export the calendar using the Calendar feed.

  • Instructors can specify whether students can sign up in groups or individually
  • Duration of time slots specified by instructor
  • Limit how many students can sign up for a time slot and how many slots a student may select
  • Booked appointment slots can be made viewable to other students in the course

Getting Started

Canvas Scheduler is a part of the Canvas Calendar. Begin by logging in to Canvas.

Instructor Resources

Using the Canvas Scheduler for your Canvas Course

  1. From within Canvas, click the link for Calendar in the red bar on the side of the screen.
  2. Locate the calendar for the specific class you are working with and ensure the calendar is visible.
  3. Click the + button in the top right corner to create a new event.
  4. Choose the Appointment Group tab in the colored bar of the popup.
  5. Type in the name and location of the appointment. If using your personal Zoom or Webex room, enter the link here.
  6. Click the Select Calendars button and choose the appropriate course.
  7. Continue configuring the time slots according to the Canvas guide ‘How do I add a Scheduler appointment group in a course calendar?‘.

You may also find the following resources useful:

Syllabus Statement

Important! Canvas Scheduler is a standard part of Canvas and does not require a separate technology statement in your syllabus other than to acknowledge the expectation that students use the appointment groups to schedule time with you.

Student Resources

Using Canvas Scheduler for Your Canvas Course

When your instructor uses Canvas Scheduler to create appointment groups, you will see the available time slots on the Canvas Calendar.

Review the ‘How do I sign up for a Scheduler appointment in the Calendar?‘ guide to learn how to sign up.


The Canvas Calendar tool is supported by Instructure. Use one of the following channels to connect with their 24/7 support:

  • live chat — open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click 'Chat with Canvas Support'
  • ticket support — open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click 'Report a Problem'
  • phone support — call 515-294-4000, then follow the prompts for Canvas support


Calendar is built into Canvas and does not require a separate sign-on. There is no additional fee for ISU faculty or students to use the Canvas Calendar tool. 


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