Canvas Announcements

Announcements allow instructors to communicate with students about course activities and post interesting course-related topics. Announcements are designed to allow instructors to broadcast information to all members of a course or all members of sections within a course.

  • Feed posts from other information sources using RSS
  • Choose to receive notifications for announcements
  • New announcement indicator on course tile on Dashboard

 Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Using Announcements in Your Canvas Course

To create a new announcement in your Canvas course:

  1. Within your Canvas course, click the Announcements link in the course menu.
  2. Follow the steps in the ‘How do I add an announcement in a course? web guide.

Additional tips may also be found in the Canvas Instructor guide to Announcements or in the video below.

Syllabus Statement

Important! Canvas Announcements are a standard part of Canvas and do not require a separate technology statement in your syllabus. 

Student Resources

Viewing Announcements in Your Canvas Course

View and filter announcements in your Canvas course by clicking the Announcements link in the course menu. You can also receive new announcements via Canvas notifications, view announcements on the Recent Activity Dashboard or in the To Do list.


The Canvas Announcement tool is supported by Instructure. Use one of the following channels to connect with their 24/7 support:

  • live chat — open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click 'Chat with Canvas Support'
  • ticket support — open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click 'Report a Problem'
  • phone support — call 515-294-4000, then follow the prompts for Canvas support


Announcements is built into Canvas and does not require a separate sign-on. There is no additional fee for ISU faculty or students to use the Canvas Announcement tool. 


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