Calculate Grades for Submission

Before you submit the grades to the Office of Registrar via ISU AdminTools in your Canvas course, you must do the following:

  1. Check that your grading scheme has been enabled to translate your scores into letter grades.
  2. Decide on the method to calculate your scores.
  3. Submit Grades using the ISU AdminTools inside your Canvas course.

1. Check that your grading scheme is enabled

Follow the steps in the Canvas guide How do I enable a grading scheme for a course?.

Tip: Each letter grade in the letter grade schema is represented as a range. For example, the letter grade C- is calculated as a range of 70.0% and up to 74.0 % and C is calculated as a range of 74.0% percent and up to 77.0% (see below).

< 77.0 %
to 74.0%
< 74.0 %
to 70.0%

This means that if a student accumulates 73.999%,  then the earned letter grade is C-. If the student accumulated exactly 74.0%, then the earned grade is C.

2. Calculate your scores

Depending on your grading practices, you may see a different total in the Gradebook than your students. To ensure the same total scores are displayed and submitted to the Registrar, follow these steps:
  1. Input scores for all assignments with submissions, entering a 0 for any missing work. A dash is not sufficient to properly calculate the totals.
  2. Ensure all your grades are posted. Manually check each column in the Gradebook for hidden grades. See the Canvas guide to view and post hidden grades.
Then, calculate grades based on:
  1. All submitted items in the course — if your course is based on an unweighted total grade or if you have already configured your assignment groups, no additional steps are needed. Proceed to Submit Grades.
  2. Only specific assignments — if your course uses an unweighted midterm/final grade based on specific assignments, you will need to create a temporary “Included in Total” assignment group, worth 100% of the grade and move the necessary assignments into the group. Weighted midterm/final grades based on specific assignments will need to use the reverse setup. Create a temporary “Excluded from Total” assignment group, worth 0% of the grade and move all unused assignments into the group.
  3. ALERT: You will need to reset the weighting of assignment groups after submitting midterm grades.
  1. A complex calculation —  if the above scenarios do not suffice, download your Gradebook and perform calculations in Excel:
    1. Temporarily create a no-submission assignment called Submitted Grade.
    2. Create a temporary “Included in Total” assignment group, worth 100% of the grade and move the Submitted Grade assignment into the group. Change any other assignment groups to 0% of the grade, noting the percentages for later. See How do I weight the final course grade based on assignment groups? for more information on weighting a course grade.
    3. Export your Gradebook as a CSV file.
    4. Perform your calculations and put the new grade in the Submitted Grade column.
    5. Import your CSV file. The Submitted Grade column will become a new no-submission assignment.

3. Submit Grades

You calculated your scores and activated the letter grade scheme to translate the scores into the letter grades. Now it is time to submit the letter grades using the ISU AdminTools inside your course. Follow the steps listed in documentation to Submit Grades.

You will receive a confirmation email from when your grades have been submitted. If necessary, check your junk/spam folder.