Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies

Once you review the mode for course delivery, choose from several teaching strategies to support the diverse learners (see Universal Design for Learning) at Iowa State University. Each of the teaching strategies below have overviews, and additional resources along with several proven methods to engage students in their learning regardless of the course delivery.

Focuses from the teacher delivering course content to the student actively engaging with the course content.

Allow students to complete course work or participate in a discussion at different times.

Review strategies to lecture along with keep your students’ attentiveness to learning.

Reverses the typical lecture and homework elements of a course.

Apply to nearly any course where innovation and creative problem solving is required.

Explore different disciplinary approaches, methodologies and toolkits from the ISU Library.

Ensure a conducive learning environment.

Cultivate deepened awareness, concentration, and insight with these methods.

Provide practice and strengthen the value of participation.

Help students discover, develop, test, and present their work through various stages of activity—they learn by doing.

Examine strategies to answer commonly asked questions about productive online synchronous class sessions

Seek to engage individuals in activities that combine both community service and academic learning.

Use a framework for a flipped course experience to have students prepare before class and then spend the majority of class time solving problems

Make sound pedagogical choices about the effects of using particular tools for student learning.

Discover how-to focus more on the outcomes of academic rigor and efficiency when teaching high-quality condensed-format courses.