CELT Teaching Partners Program

The CELT Teaching Partners Program supplements departmental mentoring by pairing two junior faculty members with a senior faculty member from a different discipline who is a successful and experienced teacher. Partners discuss teaching and learning topics, complete classroom observations, and explore SoTL research topics. This partnership runs for the entire academic year.

The Teaching Partners Program includes the following:

  • Meet at least monthly with your teaching partners to discuss issues pertinent to the small group
  • Participate in a small group discussions concerning readings associated with teaching and student learning.
  • Attending three CELT Teaching Partner Program gatherings
  • Visit teaching partners’ classrooms
  • Attend a CELT programming event each semester with teaching partners
  • Develop a teaching related project to address a specific concern or issue to help participants document scholarly teaching and continuous improvement activities for their teaching portfolio.

Examples of past teaching projects include:

  • Active learning techniques, documentation and feedback
  • Implementing blended learning techniques
  • Development of learning centered syllabi
  • Document reflective teaching practices
  • Employ new (or more) assessment techniques
  • Explore redundancies in course content within the department
  • Integrate case-based teaching in course

Interested second and third year tenure track faculty should contact Sara Marcketti (sbb@iastate.edu).

2017-18 Teaching Partners

Senior Partners Junior Partners
Michael Dorneich Ji-Young Cho
Nancy Boury
Monica Lamm Shan Jiang
Ji Yeong Joanne
Jennifer Margrett Sarah Rodriguez-Jones
Kurt Rosentrater Jim Ranalli
Alenka Poplin
Kevin Schalinzke Dara Wald
Kelly Reddy-Best
 Jan Thompson Jaime Juarez
Olivia Valetine