Preparing Future Faculty

Preparing Future Faculty

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program supplements departmental graduate preparation by offering additional teaching, mentoring, and learning possibilities. These enriching experiences help prepare postdoctoral fellows, Ph.D. students, and master’s students for an academic career and provide further credentialing to be competitive on the academic job market. The overarching goal of PFF is to better prepare graduate students and post docs for faculty careers at a variety of institutions through a combination of seminars, mentoring, and practical classroom and departmental service experiences. The following sections below provide more information about the program and how to participate.

What the PFF Program Offers

All along, I thought I knew what it takes to be a successful faculty professor. But I had it all wrong. PFF has enabled me

Components of the ISU PFF Program

The PFF program consists of four courses that are coordinated by CELT. The first course participants complete is Gr St 585. This course is followed

The Role of a PFF Mentor

An essential element of a successful PFF program is providing individualized mentoring to participants. Mentors are not the participants’ major professors, but rather other faculty