Setup the Webex tool in Canvas

Set-Up Webex in Canvas

Table of Contents

Following this step-by-step guide will walk you through how to connect Webex and Canvas. Additionally, you may want to visit the following pages:

Adding the Webex Tool to Your Canvas Course Page

  1. Log in to Canvas by clicking on the Sign Ons link found in the upper right-hand corner (above the search box) of Iowa State University’s home page.
  2. Click Settings at the bottom of the course navigation on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click the Navigation tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Scroll down to find Webex in the list of hidden navigation items, click the three-dots, and select Enable.
    enable the Webex menu item
  5. Ensure Webex is now located in the top group of enabled navigation items and drag the link higher to make it easier for students to locate.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Configuring Webex for Canvas

  1. Select Webex from the left navigation in your Canvas course.
  2. Click the Setup tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the Authorize with LMS section and click the Authorize button on the right side. Then, select Authorize in the new popup window.
  4. Return to the Choose your features section at the top of the screen and select the tools you would like to use. 
    1. Classroom Collaboration: Setup teams of students and give them spaces to discuss and share files within your course. Note: Collaborations has been known to decrease performance of Virtual Meetings and Office Hours.
    2. Virtual Meetings: Use Webex to hold live class meetings for or open office hours.
    3. Office Hours: Setup a schedule of individual virtual appointments in specified increments of time.
  5. Once you have selected your preferred Webex features, select Apply on the right side.

Scheduling a Webex Meeting or Training in Canvas

  1. Select Webex from the left navigation in your Canvas course.
  2. Click the Virtual Meetings tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Sign in to Webex Meetings (if needed) and log in to Cisco Webex Meetings using your ISU Net-ID. Select Accept to give permission to access the items listed on screen.
  4. Click the button to create a New Meeting in the upper right corner.
  5. In the popup window, specify your meeting settings:
    1. Choose MeetingTraining, or Event. For more information on the different Host Centers (Meeting, Training, or Event), see
      1. Meeting: basic interactive sessions with video, polling, whiteboard, chat, and webcam.
      2. Training: host has more control over participants’ microphones; allows the use of breakout rooms.
      3. Events: moderated webinars with little interaction from participants.
    2. Enter a Name for the session.
    3. Schedule the Meeting Date and Time.
    4. Set the Duration of the Meeting.
    5. Set the Recurrence of the Meeting.
    6. Select Create Meeting.
      Webex virtual meeting set-up

Setting up the Office Hours Tab

  1. Select the Office Hours tab.
  2. Click Sign in to Webex Meetings.
  3. Log in to Cisco Webex Meetings using your ISU Net-ID.
  4. Select Accept to give permission to access the items listed on screen.
  5. Specify your preferred duration for your one-on-one Office Hours appointment and your Buffer between Appointments.

    Appointment buffer set-up in Webex
  6. Select your Available Timeslots in the grid below.
    Office hours in Webex
  7. When you have finished selecting your times, scroll to the bottom and Save your selections. If you need to update or change your times, you may select/deselect any of the timeslots on the grid and Save your changes.
  8. When your students sign up for a timeslot, the following things happen:
    1. Invitations go out to the users that have Canvas Notifications set up to do so.
    2. A link to the invite goes into the Canvas Calendar so they are reminded and can click on it there
    3. A link to the meeting or office hours goes in the Webex navigation link in Canvas so the user can always go to there and click Join meeting.  If you have several meetings set up you will see a list of them there.

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Setting up the Classroom Collaboration Tab

  1. Select the Classroom Collaboration tab.
  2. Select Sign in to Webex Teams.

  3. Log in to Cisco Webex using your ISU Net-ID.
  4. Select Accept to agree to the request for access.
  5. Select Create Team to set up a Space for your course.

Webex in Canvas: Things to Know

  • Webex cannot be tested with the “Student View” feature and will result in an error message. If real participants receive an error or are unable to use Webex inside Canvas, they should email with the link to the Canvas course, the time the error occurred, and whichWebex tool they were using.
  • If you are only planning on having virtual meetings and office hours, do not enable Classroom Collaborations as it tends to slow down the other products.
  • Do not use the desktop Webex tool to edit a meeting created through the Canvas Webex integration as it will break the links in your course.