Online Resources for Specific Disciplines

Online Resources for Specific Disciplines

Moving labs, studios, performances, math courses and more online offers unique challenges. We recommend defining the goals for your course and using those to adapt the activities students would normally perform. If you have additional resources for this page, email

Courses with hands-on practice or performance components may require creative solutions to address your course goals. Resource-sharing conversations are underway within disciplines, and a few specific examples are shared below.

Twitter thread from ProfGhristMath from University of Pennsylvania

Whiteboard tools

Online calculator, equation, & graphing apps

  • Mathpix Snip: Amazingly easy tool to use for grabbing code.
  • LaTeX is a typeset system: A useful tool is the ability to write mathematical/scientific formulas and equations. that allows you to create advanced formulas and equations.
  • Desmos calculator has a large set of common graphs that can be edited either in real-time (for a screen capture video) or saved as images.

  • Mathcha is a whiteboard/equation editor with LaTeX built in; you can use the web-based version or create a Notebook to save and use off-line.

  • CalcPlot3D is a free online 3D graphing calculator (credit for these last two ideas to Monica VanDieran – thank you!)

Lessons & Simulations

Remote Math Pedagogy

  • Beyond the tools which can make remote math instruction more effective, it might be helpful to hear from other math instructors what they’ve done to successfully translate their classes to remote delivery. Here’s an article with a “talk-though” of the good points in an online math lesson (Teach Like a Champion), supported by video clips from the lesson. It is interesting if you want to see what an online lesson looks like and read some discussion about successful pedagogical choices.
  • The Mathematics Assessment Project provides examples of formative and summative assessment tasks for mathematics.
  • If you’re in search of OER (Open Educational Resources) materials, My Open Math is free online mathematics instruction in the form of questions and video support as well as open source texts.

More resources


  • Bayraktar, B. (June 29, 2020). Tip: Teaching math remotely. Tips for Teaching Professors. Retrieved (July 30, 2020) from
  • MITOpenCourseWare may provide helpful tips and examples, across many disciplines, of how others have taught courses or topics online and remotely.

Lab Activities

Lab Activities Remote lab learning and research have been happening in labs and academia for


Studios Start by considering the fundamental purpose of the studio: learning a process, practicing a

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Online Resources for Specific Disciplines, by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at Iowa State University is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. This work, Inclusion in the Online Resources for Specific Disciplines, is a derivative of Keep Teaching-Disciplinary Resources GoogleDoc developed by University of Minnesota Center for Educational Innovation (retrieved on April 20, 2020) from