Who’s in class? form

Who's in class form

Instructors can design a more inclusive learning environment when they are interested in their students by reading more about their backgrounds, interests, and motivations for learning (Addy et al., 2021). To do this, instructors can adapt and administer the anonymous form online in their courses at the start of the semester, and students complete it voluntarily. Then, instructors view the results in aggregate and use focused steps for making their courses more inclusive; see CELT’s Creating an Inclusive Classroom page.

Determine the questions and delivery


This form allows you to share aspects of life that can help your instructor know how to support overall learning in this course better. Please be aware that you are not obligated to complete this form. The information collected will be aggregated, held anonymous, and used to help foster an inclusive and equitable classroom.

Would you please answer the questions that follow? As a reminder, there is no obligation for you to answer any of the questions. This questionnaire aims to help me understand who is in class so that I can support your success.

Course Specific

  • For what reason did you sign up for this class?
  • How does this course fit into your academic plans/career goals?
  • What are you most looking forward to in this class?
  • Do you have any concerns?
  • How can I help you be successful in this course?
  • Related to the Principles of Community, this one resonates _____ with me.
  • My expectations for inclusivity (an equitable, welcoming environment) in this course are:
  • Other factors that may impact my experiences in this class are: ____

Supplemental Instruction Interest and Availability

  • What is your availability for help sessions? (includes a link to a scheduling poll or an open-ended essay question)
  • What structure of help sessions would be most helpful to you? (e.g., Q&A, coffee and conversation, discussions about study skills, etc.)

Your participation in the class

  • I will contact you about my Notification Letter from Student Accessibility Services requesting reasonable accommodations. (Yes/No)
  • I may be late or have to leave early because……
  • I work on or off-campus. The number of hours that I work per week is ____.

Technology Specific

  • I have a mobile/smart device with WIFI capability. (Yes/No)
  • I have a laptop or desktop computer that I can use for classwork. (Yes/No)
  • I can access all of the materials needed for this class. (Yes/No)

Typically an anonymous feedback survey will be delivered on paper, using a Canvas survey or an online Qualtrics form.

How to import the Who’s in Class? form from Canvas Commons

  1. Read the import and view a Commons resource in the Canvas guide.
  2. Log in to Canvas
  3. Click on Canvas Commons (far left of your screen above Help and Studio)
  4. Navigate or search for the Who’s in class? form Canvas Version (Import to your course) page (Note: Only available to Iowa State University).

How to locate the imported surveys

You will find the surveys in Quizzes in your course. They are by default unpublished to make changes as needed to the surveys as needed and publish it when it is ready. For more details on how to do that, you may refer to the edit details section to create a survey in my course guide.

Edit, create and publish a survey in Canvas.

If you want to make adaptations, add or delete questions in the imported survey, use the create a survey in the Canvas guide.

How to download the survey results from Canvas

Follow the view survey results in a Canvas course guide.


If you have questions, email celt-help@iastate.edu – this goes directly to our Instructional Designers and creates a ServiceNow ticket for easy tracking.


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The Who’s in your class form by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at Iowa State University, is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. This work, Who’s in your class form is a derivative of the Who’s in Class? Form from Stylus Publishing (permission received by LaFayette College). The form is included in the book What Inclusive Instructors Do Principles and Practices from Excellence in College Teaching.