Quality Matters at Iowa State University

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Why Quality Matters?

Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process based on best practices to measure the quality of online and blended courses.

You might achieve the following deliverables through your involvement with QM:

  1. A navigable online environment in which students are easily oriented to ways to get started and find various course components;
  2. A strong plan for instructor presence and communication strategies in your online and/or blended course;
  3. A solid action plan for peer interaction and active learning in your online course;
  4. Meaningful practice opportunities for your online students to achieve the planned learning objectives;
  5. A well-grounded articulation of ways in which critical course components support your learning outcomes (alignment);
  6. A rigorous review of your course’s quality accompanied by suggestions for measurable and practical incremental improvements;
  7. Camaraderie of like-minded instructors passionate about the issues of course design and quality and more!

Ken Tsai (Apparel, Events & Hospitality Management, College of Human Sciences) shares how QM professional development opportunities helped improve the learning experiences of his students in the Quality Matters at Iowa State YouTube video (below).

How can you get involved with Quality Matters at ISU?

To begin, visit CELT’s Getting Started with QM webpage; then, participate in workshops, consultations, self-review, and additional professional development opportunities.

What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters (QM), a non-profit faculty-driven course assurance organization, provides instructors with tools and processes to continuously improve their online and blended courses through a

Getting Started with QM

Anyone at Iowa State can create a free QM account, access the QM Rubric, and initiate a QM Self-Review. To begin, create an account through

QM Consultation with CELT

Schedule a QM consultation with CELT by emailing celt@iastate.edu or calling 515-294-5357. CELT staff can: Explain how to apply the QM rubric to course design. Introduce

QM Rubric & Reviews

A Quality Matters (QM) account provides Iowa State faculty and instructors access to the course rubric, review processes, and other professional development opportunities. The QM

QM-Managed Certification

The official QM-managed review involves a collaboration between the QM-assembled team of three reviewers, the course representative(s) and the CELT QM coordinator. The QM-assembled team

Quality Matters Workshops

Quality Matters (QM) professional development has two distinct purposes: Support individuals who seek out information about the QM processes and tools to gain clarity about

QM-Certified Courses at Iowa State

Iowa State University is proud to announce that the following courses are QM-Recognized. Quality MattersTM Recognition via the peer review process means that a course