Accessify Your Course

Students looking at a laptop outside of the Hub at Iowa State University

Accessible courses and course content require a little more planning and work upfront. This website provides resources that will help plan, develop, and implement course sites in ways that reduce barriers to learning and facilitate meaningful participation by all students.

To develop an accessible course, strive to use the following CELT resources:

Develop a Backup Plan

Students with a range of abilities should be able to participate in whatever learning experiences you design for your course. We recognize that inaccessible apps and technologies will make their way into classrooms, so we encourage you to think about a backup plan; how will a student with a disability have an equivalent experience if they can’t use that app?

Iowa State Resources and Support

It’s beneficial to be thinking about these things during the planning stage of your course, but you can also apply these concepts and best practices during a course redesign. Consider using these Iowa State University resources for help with your course or questions about accessibility:

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Accessify Your Course, University of Minnesota