Use a check-in survey about needs, challenges, and concerns

It may helpful to survey your students about their needs, challenges, and concerns moving face-to-face instruction online. Your questions can include those related to course materials, as well as factors that may influence students’ participation.

Survey distribution options include: Qualtrics, Canvas Quiz, Email, or importing the quiz from Canvas Commons, preview the Check-in Survey in Canvas (PDF).

Note: Some students may receive a version of this survey from multiple sources. Therefore, recognize that you may not receive a high response rate, but rather that you will hear from students that need to communicate with you.

To import from Canvas Commons:

  1. Log in to Canvas site
  2. Locate the ISU “survey” (quiz) in Canvas Commons, via the Check -in for the shift to online course delivery Canvas Commons link.
  3. Then follow the steps in the How do I import and view a Commons resource in Canvas? guide.
  4. Once it is imported in your course, set it up using the What options can I set in a quiz? web guide.
  5. Publish it for your students, How do I publish or unpublish a quiz as an instructor? guide.
  6. Once you receive responses, use the How do I view survey results in a course? guide.  Pay particular attention to the View Student Analysis Report area of that document.  The results will download into a .csv file that you can open up in your spreadsheet.

If you become aware of a student’s specific needs,

This resource is an adaptation of the extensive work of Lauren Cagle’s COVID-19 Online Teaching Contingency Planning along with the Mapping Access website with input from Megan Myers (World Languages and Cultures) and Jeremy Best (History), ISU Student Accessibility Services, and ISU Student Assistance.