Assessment and Evaluation

Professor of Economics teaching a group of students

The terms assessment and evaluation are often used interchangeably. However they are quite different in how and when the review is implemented, the focus of the review, and what is done with the findings of the review.  The table below compares assessment and evaluation.

  Assessment Evaluation
Content: timing, primary purpose Formative: ongoing, to improve learning Summative: final, to gauge quality
Orientation: focus of measurement Process-oriented: how learning is going Product-oriented: what’s been learned
Findings: uses thereof Diagnostic: identify areas for improvement Judgmental: arrive at an overall grade/score

Assessment and evaluation encompass everything from institutional level to individual student level outcomes within a course. This section of the website focuses on assessment and evaluation in student learning and instructor teaching.


Peer Assessment

Peer assessment describes a range of activities in which students evaluate and provide feedback in the work

Content adapted from: Angelo, T and Cross, K.P. 1993. Classroom assessment techniques a handbook for college teachers. Jossey-Bass A Wiley Imprint, San Francisco, CA. pp 427.