New Canvas Integrations: MS Teams Classes, Pressbooks, and more

There are now several new Learning Technology Integrations (LTIs) installed and available to Iowa State University instructors to consider: Logos of Microsoft teams, Pressbooks, Oxford University Press, Visible Body, and Stukent Mimic Social arranged in a group.

  1. Microsoft Teams classes
  2. Pressbooks
  3. Visible Body
  4. Oxford University Press
  5. Stukent Mimic Social 

Microsoft Teams classes can be used to help you and students navigate easily between Canvas and Teams. Users can access their class Teams associated with their Canvas course directly from within Canvas. Once set up in Canvas, student rosters will automatically populate in Microsoft Teams.

The Pressbooks software enables instructors to design and format books. More information can be found on the Parks Library website. The Canvas integration allows instructors to easily add their Pressbook content to Canvas and any results from learner activity will be passed back to the Canvas Gradebook.

Oxford University Press is a publisher application, allowing for better content integration with their textbooks.

Currently, Visible Body and Stukent Mimic Social are course-specific LTIs that add interactive simulations to the learning process.

If you need or would like help with any of these LTIs or other learning technologies, email Doing this will create a ServiceNow ticket and one of our team members will be able to help you. Keep an eye on our website and our Instructional Tools page for more information and guides for each of these LTIs in the coming weeks.