Insights from Fellows and Reviewers (Miller Faculty Fellowship)

In this workshop series, participants will learn about the Miller Faculty Fellowship Program, which provides recipients with opportunities to enhance their scholarly work in the university’s undergraduate academic programs. The funded projects have had a tremendous impact on ISU student learning, innovative teaching, and programming, as well as enhancing recipients’ careers.

In this introductory session, a panel of past fellows and reviewers will share their experiences with the Miller Faculty Fellowship Program. Participants will learn from fellows how the funded research has impacted their classrooms and careers, and reviewers will share what they look for in successful proposals. This session will feature panelists who have been past Miller Faculty Fellows and those who have reviewed proposals.

This event is the first session in a 3-part series designed to prepare faculty for a successful Miller Faculty Fellowship application submission. Participants may attend any or all of the series’ sessions.
The series is facilitated by Paul Hengesteg (CELT Miller Fellowship Manager).

The panelists:

Monica Lamm, Associate Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering (ENGR)

Aliye Karabulut-Ilgu, Director of Curricular Assessment and Teaching Support, Veterinary Pathology (VET)

Andrea Quam, Associate Professor, Graphic Design (DSGN)   

Steve Lonergan, Morrill Professor, Animal Science (CALS) 

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