2019 #CyThx Honorees

CyThx written in cardinal red font with gold outlines
CyThx written in cardinal red font with gold outlines

In 2019, we encouraged Cyclones to share, “Who makes you feel like a valued member of the ISU community?” We received 264 #CyThx submissions from 85 units at Iowa State.

We have shared each #CyThx with each recipient, and their unit leader.

Please note, several people were thanked multiple times. For those community members who wanted their message published, the #CyThx at Iowa State University website hosts the recognition.

Below are the #CyThx from 2019 (alphabetical by first name), or download the #CyThx 2019 Honorees (PDF).

#CyThx 2019: Someone feels valued at ISU because of the following people​

Abby Dubisar, English

Abby makes me feel valued because she recognizes her colleagues in meaningful ways. She listens about their research and teaching experiences and empowers them to

Amani Elobeid, Economics

“We are so incredibly lucky to have Professor Elobeid as a faculty member and professor at Iowa State. Her compassion for her students, understanding nature,

Amber Anderson, Agronomy

“Amber values all opinions and fosters a climate that welcomes open, honest discussion in her classes. She is the best example I can think of

Amy Brandau, Economics

“Amy has a gentle way about her that makes you feel comfortable when around her. She offers a listening ear and advice that helps you

Anna Johnson, Animal Science

Dr. Johnson works hard in all facets of her life, and in her role of major professor, she excels. While holding high expectations for achievement,

Austin Graber, Business Economics

“Austin does an incomparable job of showing that he cares when in conversation with him. He hypes me up, inquires about activities I’m involved in

Becky Koenen, School of Education

“Throughout my time having Becky as my adviser I have felt like she truly cares about me and my future teaching career. When talking with

Ben Cortes, Animal Science

Ben not only includes all students in his class but also makes the learning environment friendly and fun. I am excited to go to my

Blake Red Elk, New Student Programs

Blake cares about getting to know people. He cares about my aspirations, challenges, successes, and pitfalls. Blake makes me feel like a valued member of

Brian Ellis, Software Engineering

Brain does an awesome job of sharing wisdom based on his experience. He has been super helpful with my labs, resume, and even class registration.

Bruce Kraft, Finance

Bruce has always been there, giving career advice, recommendations, and always trying to improve my educational experience.

Caitlyn Shipley, School of Education

Thank you for your enthusiasm, creativity, and time commitment to the HDFS learning community students. Your thoughtful and caring manner as you provide guidance and

Cara Stone, University Library

Cara is an excellent instructor and always inspires me to try something new. She gently pushes us to consider new instruction techniques and be the

Carol Faber, Graphic Design

Carol Faber makes me feel like a valued member of the ISU community through expressing interest in my successes and going above and beyond in

Cason Murphy, Music and Theatre

“Cason constantly tries to get people to get involved in theatre, and makes us actually feel wanted in the theatre community. He’s always open to

Catherine Swoboda, Horticulture

Catherine reaches out when she finds an opportunity that she thinks suits me well. I appreciate that immensely. She listens intently and cares deeply about

Dawn Mick, University Library

Dawn is very personable and friendly. She always lights up and (at least acts like) she’s very happy to see me every time we pass

Deanne Stuart, Department of Residence

“Deanne has done an incredible job supervising the Cornerstone Hall Desk area this semester. Since August, she has tirelessly worked with both the Birch-Welch-Roberts and

Ebby Luvaga, Economics

I almost transferred out of ISU during my freshman year last year. After a good talk and a lot of thought, I decided to give

Erin Todey, English

She always makes me feel that I am welcomed not only in the English department but in the United States. I am grateful for her

Evrim Baran, School of Education

Dr Evrim Baran takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support and service to us. She identifies quickly our individual needs and accordingly provides efficient

Fritz Keinert, Mathematics

Professor Keinert is an amazing teacher who is incredibly respectful and helpful. He is always willing to help and makes a “boring” subject, Calculus 3,

Gail Nonnecke, Horticulture

Dr. Nonnecke makes me feel like a valued member of the ISU community with her advice and questions that make me reflect. She is a

Hai Tran, Chemistry

Hai is an awesome teaching assistant. He is very well-prepare and passionate on the material he is studying and teaching. He valued me as a

Heather Lewin, University Library

Heather is an excellent colleague, always willing to listen, offer support, and lend a hand if needed. She is very kind and generous with her

James Shahan , Ag Biosystems Engineering

Servant to the ABE department developing students design and problem solving skills. Always willing to help and coach students with problems. Complete disregard for personal

Jan Wiersema, Agronomy

Dr. Jan is incredible at listening to and investing in students that cross her path. She has always shared immense enthusiasm for my ambitions. She

Jennifer Bundy, Animal Science

Dr.Bundy is always someone I enjoy talking too. She has been a great peer mentor boss for the past 3 years and has always given

John Levis, English

Dr. John Levis is the kindest professor I have met in my life. He is very supportive and understanding always ready to help. I am

Kadir Karakaya, English

Dr. Karakaya is a valued mentor not only to me, but also to many of his students and even other people around him. He works

Karen Bovenmyer , CELT

Karen is Amazing!! I met Karen as my instructor for the PFF classes. She is one person I can truly say that works with a

Karen Couves, CELT

Karen always has a smile on her face and a can-do attitude. She elevates the spirit of Morrill Hall!

Karen M Bovenmyer, CELT

They treat us and our dreams with respect. They are very humble, kind and open to our hopes and problems. Very selfless.

Katharine Hensley, SVPP

Katherine is committed to teaching Faculty and Staff how to be their best person. She goes out of her way to answer difficult questions and

Kim Ohge, New Student Programs

Kim is excellent at making sure others feel appreciated for their hard work. She gives praise to those around her. She makes time to help

Lee Cagley, Interior Design

“Lee is a thoughtful and compassionate colleague who expresses genuine gratitude to everyone with whom he works. He doesn’t use the excuse of being “too