Consultation and Classroom Observation

Consultation and Classroom Observation

One key to enhancing teaching is receiving feedback from outside observers. Any tenure-track, term faculty member, or staff with a teaching responsibility can visit CELT on a confidential basis to discuss concerns about course design or presentation, course materials (including course syllabus, presentation aids, writing assignments, or test materials), barriers and strategies for teaching inclusively, or methods to enhance student learning. An administrative staff member from CELT can arrange to observe a class.

These services are offered for formative professional development only. CELT does not participate in any way with summative evaluation of individual faculty members for promotion, tenure, or performance reviews. However, CELT is available to help departments and colleges improve the evaluation of teaching.


For a Consultation

Contact CELT at 515-294-5357 or email for a consultation on teaching.

For a Teaching Observation

Please follow these directions to participate in the Teaching Observation Program (TOP) and submit a request form.

There are 5 steps in the instructor-driven approach for instructors seeking observation.

Step 1. Instructor Initiates a Request to Participate in TOP

Initiate a request via an online form to participate in teaching observation and feedback. The form requires the following information:

  • Name
  • Department
  • Rank
  • Years you have taught
  • Course name and number that you wish to have observed
  • Overall goals for the course
  • Overall goals for the specific class meeting you wish to have observed
  • What teaching strategies are planned?
  • What do you anticipate going well?
  • What aspects of the class does the instructor desire feedback?
  • Are there any difficulties or potential problems that the instructor is looking for input?
  • Would you allow a CELT Advisory Board member to attend the class of observation?

To request to participate in TOP, submit your responses via the CELT Teaching Observation Program request form.

Step 2. Teach the Class with the Observer Present

Step 3. Post-Observation Discussion between Observee and Observer

Participate in a face-to-face or Zoom video discussion with the observer to occur within one-to two-weeks following the observation.

Step 4. Post-Observation Feedback from Observee

The Observee submits feedback via an online form on the observation process within one-week following the post-observation meeting.

  • What was most useful part of the experience for you?
  • What was reinforced as effective teaching practice?
  • What specific changes do you envision as a result of this feedback?
  • Did you learn anything new about your students and how they learn?
  • Do you have any recommended suggestions or comments?

Submit a post-observation feedback via the CELT TOP Participant Feedback Form.

Step 5. Post-Observation Summary from Observer

Receive the post-observation summary from your observer including this information:

  • Name of observer
  • Name of observed, class name and title, date of class observation
  • Summary of overall goals for the course and evidence of these goals as observed
  • Summary of overall goals for the specific class meeting and evidence of these goals as observed
  • Summary of teaching strategies observed
  • Specific feedback on ideas for the instructor to consider moving forward
  • Selected attachments of CELT resources

Submit a post-observation summary from observer via the TOP Post-Observation Summary from Observer Form webpage.

Questions? call CELT at 515-294-5357 or email