CELT Teaching Partners Program

CELT Teaching Partners Program

The CELT Teaching Partners Program, a cohort-based teaching and learning community, supplements departmental mentoring by pairing a new instructor with a senior instructor from a different discipline who is a successful and experienced teacher. Junior partners should be in their second or third year at Iowa State University. Partners discuss teaching and learning topics, complete classroom observations, and focus on documenting teaching effectiveness for continuous improvement efforts of use in teaching portfolios.


The partnership runs for the entire academic year. The Teaching Partners Program includes:

  • Meeting monthly with your teaching partner to discuss issues pertinent to teaching and learning. Previous partnerships have taken broad approaches to their meetings, while others have taken a very focused approach such as implementing and evaluating scaffolding in the classroom, development of learning-centered syllabi, documenting reflective teaching practices, employing new (or more) assessment techniques, and integrating case-based teaching in a course.
  • Visit teaching partners’ classrooms. Junior partners visit senior partners’ classrooms in the fall semester. Senior partners visit junior partners’ classrooms in the spring semester. For resources, view CELT’s Peer Observation of Teaching Best Practices webpage.
  • Attend a CELT programming event each semester with your teaching partner, view CELT’s Event and Registration webpage.
  • Attend three one-hour CELT Teaching Partner Program gatherings (August, December, April, dates TBD)

With your teaching partner, identify one element of your teaching for documentation purposes for annual review or promotion purposes. Previous Teaching Partners Participants have gained from meaningfully interacting with others interested in the teaching and learning process outside of their discipline. Representative comments include:

  • “My senior partner observed my classroom teaching and wrote a letter that went into my 3rd-year review. That alone was worth the participation!”
  • “Having a knowledgeable, open sounding board for new ideas and the opportunity to share experiences with my mentor and the other participants in the program was invaluable.”
  • “The Teaching Partners program gave my small teaching appointment enhanced attention, and boosted my self-confidence in teaching. It also gave me a plethora of ideas for incorporating different techniques to make my classroom more student-centered in its orientation.”

Application Process

The Teaching Partners Program is suspended for the 2021-2022 academic year


Contact Dr. Monica Lamm, CELT Faculty Fellow via email at mhlamm@iastate.edu or celt@iastate.edu.

2020-21 Teaching Partners

Senior PartnerJunior Partner(s)
Sayali Kukday (Liberal Arts and Sciences)Lingling Liu (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and College of Engineering)
Jay Newell (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)Heather Donoho (College of Human Sciences)
Stephanie Loveland (College of Engineering)Grant Thompson (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

2019-20 Teaching Partners

Senior PartnerJunior Partner(s)
David Cantor (Ivy College of Business)Haranto Wibowo (College of Engineering)
Michael Dorneich (College of Engineering)Mindy DeVries (College of Ag. & Life Sciences)
Elgin Johnston (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)John Haughery (College of Ag. & Life Sciences)
Ann Smiley-Oyen (College of Human Sciences)Matthew Clancy (College of Ag. & Life Sciences)
Jay Newell (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)Erin Doran (College of Human Sciences)
Susan Yager (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)Jennifer Schietz (College of Ag. & Life Sciences)
Monica Lamm (College of Engineering)Sherry Xie (Ivy College of Business)