CELT Teaching Briefs

CELT Teaching Briefs

The 11 authors in alphabetical order for the nine CELT Teaching Briefs - A Collection of Teaching Advice: Teaching through the Pandemic  are pictured

A Collection of Teaching Advice: Teaching through the Pandemic 

Welcome to our inaugural edition of CELT Teaching Briefs!  
In keeping with CELT’s mission of “partnering with educators to advance student-centered learning at Iowa State University (ISU),” this collection of teaching briefs highlights our commitment to student learning and is a testimony to the creativity and resilience of ISU’s instructors.
Forced to shift their courses to online delivery at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our authors share practical advice for engaging online learners and developing environments that foster inclusion and academic success. The briefs illustrate strategies and activities that align with disciplinary expectations, yet are simple, versatile, and adaptable to a variety of teaching and learning contexts. 
The teaching briefs remind us of the importance of student engagement, community building, and practice – the same powerful pedagogies that work for face-to-face settings can be adapted for online environments.
Explore each of the nine teaching briefs with companion videos below.
  • Ann M. Gansemer-Topf, Associate Professor, School of Education
  • Lesya Hassall, Instructional Technologist III, CELT
  • Brittni J. Wendling, Graduate Student, Human Computer Interaction
Pictured above are the authors for the CELT Teaching Briefs in alphabetical order:
  • Top row (from left to right): Alzoubi, Baran, Bonaccorsi, Chatterjee, and Irish.
  • Bottom row (from left to right): Kukday, LaWare, McNicholl, Murphy, Stewart, and Zhang

Student Engagement

Notorious for decreased student engagement, instructors can transform online courses into places of active learning with appropriate tools and technologies.

Zooming to St. Louis: a virtual field trip, Dr. Julie Irish

With the inability to physically travel, Julie Irish, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, developed a virtual field trip in collaboration with ISU’s alumni and design experts, so her students could “see” and “experience” the site they were asked to develop.

Interactions matter in an online course by Maggie LaWare

Interactions Matter in an Online Course, Dr. Maggie LaWare

Maggie LaWare, Associate Professor of English, created a digital site exploration assignment, for her students to explore the interplay of rhetoric and human perception by visiting the virtual recreations of physical spaces in which famous speeches were delivered.

Community Building 

Building a learning community and creating a sense of belonging can be challenging in online courses. Several authors present an array of strategies for connecting learners to their instructors, peers, and course content.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is essential for skill development and mastery, and online courses can be well equipped for creating time and space for meaningful practice. 

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