Quick Start Guide (Instructors)

Apply the strategies in this Quick Start Guide to help you prioritize and communicate. Additionally, download and use this Rule of 2’s: Quick Start

Course Continuity (Students)

COVID-19 Campus Updates and Resources This guide provides you with the fundamentals when making the shift from a face-to-face course to one that

Almost at the finish line (Teaching Tip)

Over a decade ago, I participated in my first marathon. Despite being exhausted, the last two miles were my two best miles because the end was in sight. I knew that I would accomplish the goal that I had spent months preparing for. We are mere weeks away from the end of the semester. What could you do in the next class session to help your students and yourself see the finish line?

Know where to go for help at ISU

Our ISU Campus Partners are here to help, call us through the CELT Response Team 515-294-5357 (Monday-Friday, 8-5 p.m.). We have staff across campus willing to assist. If needed, the campus partners will meet with you virtually using WebEx.

Additionally, you may wish to contact one of the support units directly. Please note which program, department, or college each unit serves and contact the unit for your area.

Call CELT Response Team 515-294-5357

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