10 Things to Know About New Quizzes: General

A graphic representation of Canvas' timeline for New Quizzes implementation
  • #1: New Quizzes is a new Canvas LTI for assessment, providing the opportunity to reconsider approaches to student learning

    Once you become comfortable with New Quizzes (NQ), ask yourself how they can help you better understand student learning. CELT will have many training opportunities available and help along the way. Canvas also has training via their Service Portal.

  • #2: The plan to transition ISU to New Quizzes is tied to and dependent on Canvas' timeline and ability to meet their milestones

    You have time to decide when it is best for your courses to transition with a 2-year transition timeline before Canvas sunsets Classic Quizzes in June 2024. You can review Canvas' timeline on their website.

  • #3: Not everyone has to, or should, transition to using New Quizzes with students in the first year

    Strategize by moving your smaller courses with low-stakes assessments first. As you become familiar with the interface, consider your next steps. Review what current New Quizzes pilot instructors recommended during a virtual panel in March 2022.

  • #4: New Quizzes was made available to all Canvas courses on June 1, 2022

    All instructors are encouraged to join the Canvas New Quizzes training course for resources, updates, and examples as they become familiar with New Quizzes.

  • #5: Everyone should start exploring New Quizzes in a sandbox course.

    There can be a learning curve when transition given the changes to the interface. We encourage all instructors become familiar with New Quizzes in a low-risk environment, like a sandbox course that is not tied to student enrollment. Trial and error can help to eliminate problems when students and instructors use it live for the first time.

  • #6: New Quizzes has some new functionality.

    There is a new clean, user-friendly interface with new question types (hot-spot, ordering, categorization, stimulus). There is also enhanced accessibility. Check out some of the other features on the New Quizzes page.

  • #7: New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes are similar with some slight differences

    Question banks are now called Item Banks and are associated with the user, following the user to all courses they are added. This makes it very important to pay attention to how the Item Banks are named. It is recommended that you name banks using the course number and any other important identifiers, for example, Kin 374 Quiz 1 Chapter 1. Finally, when you edit a question in an Item bank, that change shows in every quiz where the question is used.

  • #8: New Quizzes has features still in development with plans to be added at an unknown timeline.

    Currently, you cannot easily migrate Classic Quiz Question Banks or questions in Groups. The Rich Content Editor in New Quizzes is not as comprehensive as it is elsewhere in Canvas (no HTML editor, no accessibility checker, cannot directly import files or Studio video, math editor is now a math tool called MathQuill). Additionally, you cannot export New Quiz reports as a CSV and New Quizzes does not currently work in Blueprint courses.

  • #9: New Quizzes has missing features with no plans to add with the current timeline.

    There are no longer surveys, though they are working to add anonymous quizzes to help with basic-level functionality, but third-party integrations will need to be used for full surveys. You will need to use the stimulus question type for the current "text-only" question type in Classic Quizzes.

  • #10: CELT and College Level Support Personnel will support you throughout the implementation process

    There are multiple ways to receive support through this process. You can attend the virtual CELT Open Labs, email celt-help@iastate.edu (subject line: "New Quizzes"), or you can call 515-294-4000 and follow the prompts for Canvas 24/7 support.