Getting Started

Getting Started with Canvas

Are you using Canvas for the first time?

There are a few checks you will want to perform to ensure successful participation in your course(s):

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Accessing Canvas at ISU

Step One: Login credentials

You will need to have your ISU Net-ID and password to log into Canvas. If you do not, please visit the IT Accounts and Passwords website or contact the Solution Center at 515-294-4000.

Step Two: Choose how to interact with Canvas

There are three options for finding the Canvas login page:

Step Three: Logging into Canvas

Use your Net-ID and password to login to Canvas. Once logged in, you should see your Canvas Dashboard. If you have an issue logging in, contact the Solution Center at 515-294-4000.

Locate a Course in Canvas

  1. To see if you already have access to a course, log in to Canvas.
  2. If the course doesn’t appear in your Dashboard – check if your class is on the list in Courses > All Courses. Steps: Locate the Courses icon on the Global Navigation Menu (far left of your screen); then, ensure to mark it as a favorite in All Courses.
  3. Access the course by clicking on the course tile
    Course Tile for newly created course
  4. Unable to see the course(s)?
    1. Instructors: If any of your courses do not have a Canvas course, create one using the Start of Semester Checklist guide.
    2. Students: Contact your Instructor via email. Locate their email via the ISU Directory.
  5. If you still cannot locate the course, contact the ISU Solution Center.

Instructor Canvas Overview

View the Canvas Overview for Instructors video (5 minutes 47 seconds).

Access and bookmark the following Canvas support and training:

Student Canvas Overview

View the Canvas Overview for Students video (4 minutes 21 seconds).