What is a grade posting policy in Canvas? How do I use it?

What is a grade posting policy in Canvas? How do I use it?

In Canvas, grades can be posted or hidden from student views. When grades are hidden, students cannot see any assignment grades, instructor comments or grade change notifications. Students can view the submitted assignment or re-submit if necessary, even when grades are hidden. However, students are not able to view their quiz responses, if quiz grades are hidden. Note: If a rubric is attached to the assignment with a hidden grade, students are able to view their scores and any comments the instructor left in the rubric.

The impact of hidden grades on total score appears differently for the instructor and the student: the total score in the instructor view includes hidden grades, while the total score in the student view excludes hidden grades. Once hidden grades are posted, the total score in the student view is updated accordingly to match what the instructor sees.

By default, grades are posted as soon as the instructor enters them in the gradebook. The instructor can decide whether to show/hide grades inside an individual column or enable a grade posting policy across all columns in the gradebook.

If the instructor hides grades within an individual column, without changing the default grading policy, then grades in all other columns are not affected. If the instructor changes the grade posting policy, then the grade posting policy controls how grades within each individual columns appear to students. If enabled mid-course, the grade posting policy does not impact previous columns, and will only have an effect on future columns.

If students are not able to view grades posted by the instructor, the instructor can perform the following troubleshooting:

  • Click on the student name in your Gradebook. On the student panel that appears to the right, click on Grades under the student’s name.
  • On the next page if you see the closed eye icon for an assignment score, then your student is not able to view the grade.
  • Double-check the grade posting policy: inside your Gradebook click on the Settings icon and then the Grade Posting Tab.
  • Return to your gradebook, and click on the three dots next to the column’s title to select Post grades. This selection will be active if you activated the grade posting policy. You can now post grades in that column to all students or only those students whose submissions were graded.
  • If you opt to only show the grades to those students whose submissions were graded, you must repost grades after you grade the rest of the students. If you opt to show grades to all students, you do not need to repost grades after you grade other students.