Safety Training

One facet of educating students is teaching them the skills to work smart AND work safely. This process starts in academic courses, shops, and labs. As safety becomes part of academic curricular, students become more aware of safety hazards and work safely with or around hazards.


  • Safety training tailored to your unique environment

Getting Started

See the instructions below to access specific safety trainings through a Canvas course.


Adding Safety Trainings to a Canvas course

To add a Safety Training to your Canvas course:

  1. Log in to Canvas and go to your course page
  2. Click on the add item button in an existing Module or add a new Module to your course
  3. Choose External Tool from the add item drop-down menu
  4. Select Safety Training from the list of External Tools
  5. Click Add Item
  6. Click on the newly added Safety Training tool to customize it for your course 
  7. Choose a template and settings that are appropriate for your course needs
  8. When done, click Finish to create your Safety Training profile
  9. Select Publish to make your Safety Training profile available to students


Accessing Safety Trainings through a Canvas course

  1. Log in to Canvas and go to your course page
  2. Select Safety Training from the list of Modules
  3. Click Launch to begin online training
  4. Click List Events to sign up for classroom training
  5. Complete all required training