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Iowa State University offers access to the Qualtrics survey platform for all faculty, staff and students. Qualtrics is an easy-to-use online survey software that’s powerful enough to perform even the most sophisticated research. You can easily collaborate with other people and analyze results inside and outside the platform.

Qualtrics is a web-based survey service that allows users to easily create and distribute surveys; collect and store data; analyze data; and produce reports.


Getting Started

Qualtrics is not currently available within Canvas. To get started, access the Qualtrics (Online Survey Tool) web portal and log in with your Net-ID and password or access it via the Okta dashboard.

Instructor Resources

Engage students with a Qualtrics word cloud in your course

Before class
  1. Log in to the Qualtrics (Online Survey Tool)
  2. Create a new survey
  3. Change the demo question to a text-entry question, on the right side of your screen
    Tip: To encourage a more succinct answer, choose the Single Line option. Students may write responses well beyond the limits of the box.
  4. Click on the Publish button located towards the upper right of the screen.
  5. Click on the Distributions tab on the top menu towards the upper left of the screen.
  6. Click on Anonymous Link on the left menu (see the Anonymous Link guide).
  7. Copy the link.
    Tip: To make it easier for your students, use a URL shortener, a simple tool that takes a long URL and shorten it (e.g., bit.ly, cutt.ly).
  8. Locate the QR code and download the image (see the QR Code guide). The survey’s QR code is linked to the Anonymous Link. Students can use their smart devices to scan the QR code to open the survey on their devices.
  9. Create a slide for your presentation with the following:
    1. What: The question
    2. Where: Share the web address to submit a response to the question (using a URL shortener enables students to easily type the address into their browser). Optional: Share the image of the QR Code with instructions to use their smart device to scan the code with their camera to be immediately directed to your survey in the browser.
  10. Prepare to share the word cloud with your students
    1. Go to the Reports tab on the top menu towards the upper left of the screen.
    2. Create a Word Cloud visualization by click on the right menu and selecting the Word Cloud icon. Read Word Cloud settings page.
    3. Click on the Share Report (upper right corner) to open the submenu
    4. Select Manage Public Report
    5. Click on the box for the Public Report Available
    6. Click the Copy button. Note: The web address you copied is what to share with your students during class or in Canvas (e.g., discussion post, announcement, etc.). If necessary, you may remove access to the results.
During class
  1. Share the presentation slide.
  2. Wait a few moments as the word cloud begins to populate in Qualtrics.
  3. Prepare a browser window to shows the word cloud copied Public Report Available link.
  4. Students will be able to view responses instantaneously in the form of a word cloud.

Online Documentation


Qualtrics is available to use at no charge for non-profit use only. For license information e-mail itslicense@iastate.edu.