How do I use Breakout Rooms in Webex Meetings?

How do I use Breakout Rooms in Webex Meetings?

Webex Meetings allow instructors to create breakout rooms for small groupwork.  Students can see each other, use collaboration tools, such as whiteboards and chats, and share content for productive interactions. Breakout rooms can be used in any Webex Meeting, including those scheduled within Canvas. 

Enable Webex Breakout Rooms 

  1. Log into your Webex meeting session. You must be logged into your meeting session before you can begin assigning participants to breakout rooms, as the pre-assignment of breakout rooms before the start of the meeting session is not possible. 
  2. Click Breakout at the top of the session window, then select Enable Breakout Session.
    enable breakout rooms
  3. Click the Breakout Sessions button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
    breakout sessions button
  4. Click the button to select whether you will:
    1. Automatically assign participants to the break out rooms
      1. Select the number of breakout sessions you wish to create.
      2. Click Start assignment.
        breakout rooms - choose automatic creation
      3. View the created sessions and assigned participants.
      4. Click Start breakout sessions when ready to begin.
        breakout rooms start session
    2. Manually assign participants to breakout rooms 
      1. Select the number of breakout sessions you wish to create.
        breakout rooms manual assignments
      2. Click Create Assignments.
      3. View the created sessions and assigned participants.
        breakout rooms start session
      4. Under Not Assigned, click on the participant name to move to the appropriate breakout room.
        participants who are not assigned to a break out room show on the left side of the screen
      5. Click Start breakout rooms when ready to begin.



  1. Participants must be assigned into breakout rooms by the meeting’s host or cohost.
  2. Only one person (host or cohost/s) can manage the breakout session assignment at a time. 
  3. Participants who have joined by phone only cannot be assigned to breakout sessions as their audio will not transfer from the main session. 
  4. When a participant joins a breakout room, a breakout rooms icon will appear next to their name in the participants panel.
  5. The number of attendees assigned to each breakout session shows in parentheses next to the name of the breakout session.
  6. As a host/co-host sharing instructional materials during the meeting, if you choose to join the breakout sessions, you must re-share your materials upon return to the main session. 

Manage Breakout Rooms

Additionally, as a host/cohost you can perform the following:

  1. Join or leave a breakout session 
  2. Broadcast a message in breakout sessions  
  3. Change breakout session settings 
  4. Respond to requests for help in breakout sessions 
  5. Add, rename or delete  a breakout session 
  6. Move or exchange attendees in breakout sessions 
  7. Remove a participant from a breakout session 
  8. Ask participants to return to the main meeting 
  9. End all breakout sessions