Teaching Essentials Guide

Teaching Essentials Guide

This teaching essentials guide assumes that you, the instructor, have previously completed the design and development of the following items for your course:

Once you have those items, the steps below will provide guidance for teaching at Iowa State University.

Before the semester

What are the preferred modes for delivering courses for fall 2020?

What are the best teaching strategies for all of your students and your course?

What frameworks will help support your success in teaching and learning?

What elements are must-haves in your Canvas course? Are you using the ISU Course Template?

Create your Canvas course, specify course settings, and make your course available to students.

What ways will you design and facilitate activities for delivering content for all environments?

How will I know if students are learning what they need to know?

What steps will you take to prioritize equity and inclusion in your course?

How will you provide accessible course content and teaching to accommodate your students?

What approaches and methods emphasize academic integrity?

What steps will you leverage for precise, frequent messaging, and thoughtful planning?


Along with repeating 12 steps listed above, you will want to read the bi-weekly CELT Teaching Tip  email waiting in your inbox from celt@iastate.edu (See CELT’s Teaching Tips archive site). These tips include teaching practices, announcements, funding professional/development opportunities, and upcoming events. You will also want to do the following:

How can you identify what is going well and what needs to be changed?

How do you record the relevance and evolution of your teaching efforts?

How can you identify what is going well and what needs to be changed?

What CELT professional development programs and events would help you?