Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

The terms assessment and evaluation are often used interchangeably. However they are quite different in how and when the review is implemented, the focus of the review, and what is done with the findings of the review. The table below compares assessment and evaluation.

Content: timing, primary purposeFormative: ongoing, to improve learningSummative: final, to gauge quality
Orientation: focus of measurementProcess-oriented: how learning is goingProduct-oriented: what’s been learned
Findings: uses thereofDiagnostic: identify areas for improvementJudgmental: arrive at an overall grade/score

Assessment and evaluation encompass everything from institutional level to individual student level outcomes within a course. This section of the website focuses on assessment and evaluation in student learning and instructor teaching.


Planning and Designing

What’s the difference between assessment, evaluation, and research?

A quick and effective way to assess student learning throughout the semester.

Take a broader view and consider the purpose and significance of what you hope to accomplish

Effective assessment should be viewed as an iterative process but does not need to be overly complex or time consuming.


Assessment helps instructors and students monitor progress towards achieving learning objectives.

Relatively quick and easy formative evaluation methods that help you check student understanding in “real time”.

Senior Vice President and Provost oversees student outcomes assessment across all levels at ISU.

A range of activities in which students evaluate and provide feedback in the work of their peers.

Explore Strategies and Tools

Explore the following approaches and methods which emphasize prevention and education.

Design and facilitate activities (quizzes, exams, reading and writing activities, open book exams, and more) for all learning environments.

Explore the following approaches and methods which emphasize prevention and education.

Identify gaps in comprehension and retention