2020 #CyThx Honorees

CyThx written in cardinal red font with gold outlines
CyThx written in cardinal red font with gold outlines

In our third year, we continued to ask Cyclones to share, “Who makes you feel like a valued member of the ISU community?” This year, we collected 277 #CyThx submissions representing 102 units at Iowa State. We have shared each #CyThx with each recipient, and their unit leader. Please note, several people were thanked multiple times.

The #CyThx website hosts the message for those community members who wanted it published publicly. This year, those who requested a private messages state, “#CyThx comments only shared with the person thanked.”

Below is the #CyThx from 2020 (alphabetical by first name), or download the list of #CyThx 2020 Honorees (PDF).

#CyThx 2020: Someone feels valued at ISU because of the following people

Amani Eleboid , Economics

“‘-provide resources for me -listen to my life -reach out to check on me -validate my feelings -are understanding” (CyThx 1) “Dr. Elobeid is absolutely an incredible professor. She cares

Amy Brandau, Economics

“Amy’s wisdom makes us feel supported and taken care of at Iowa State. She makes herself readily available to connect with students to provide insight. She excels in her role

Amy Ward, CELT

Amy is a do-er! She has a huge heart and wants to help people succeed.

Angela Koppes, Interior Design

She is understanding of the current situation us students are facing with COVID and so helpful when it comes to interior design projects.

Angela Prince, School of Education

Dr. Prince cares deeply about every student she knows and meets. She goes out of her way to make you feel supported and excited about where you are headed. Dr.

Arka Ghosh, Statistics

Dr. Ghosh is an excellent professor as he makes sure to engage the class constantly by asking interesting questions, and also highlight the important material during the lectures. As if

Asheesh “Danny” Singh, Agronomy

Dr. Singh works diligently to ensure we are best empowered to produce our highest quality work. He checks to make sure we are mentally doing well and always prioritizes our

Benjamin Gleason, School of Education

Dr. Gleason is a mentor and a friend who knows how to push us to get better with our research. His guidance, caring, and understanding means a lot during this

Bill Dilla, Accounting

Bill always makes me feel like my opinions matter, and like I make a valuable contribution to the department. He listens to what everyone has to say and often acts

Brad Dell, Music and Theatre

“Brad is the ultimate cheerleader. He sends out emails and texts, encouraging the Theatre faculty & staff to face whatever the future brings with grace, patience, and love. He urges

Brad Skaar, Animal Science

Dr. Skaar offered to meet in person with students if they wanted to and I did. He went out of his way to get to know me and as a

Brian Behnken, History

Professor Behnken is so welcoming and enthusiastic. He is free to be himself and makes me feel like I am free to be myself at ISU.

Brianna Stoever, English

They actually take time to listen to speeches, and point out not only the bad things but also what they liked. The pointing out of specific things they liked or

Carrie Giese, Student Wellness

She is always super welcoming and positive. She genuinely cares and wants to know how I am doing and if I have any concerns. She’s always willing to help/provide resources!

Cary Pint, Mechanical Engineering

He always there to help out students, putting in the extra work and time to help with our classes and bring our learning beyond the classroom. Besides classwork, Professor Pint

Chad Hart, Economics

Chad really shows that he cares about his students and really wants them to understand what he is teaching. He is willing to stay after class to help answer additional

Chad Sonka, Music and Theatre

Every time I get the chance to talk and/or work with Chad, he makes me feel like I belong at ISU and inspires me to become better each day. He

Charissa Menefee, English

I love having Dr. Menefee as a theatre professor. Her classes are intriguing and on top of that, she’s so sweet and caring towards us. She’s very optimistic and also

Chris Meissner, Psychology

Dr. Meissner has done absolutely everything possible to make me feel appreciated, respected, and safe at ISU during these unprecedented times. He is an incredible advisor, engaging instructor, and a

Christina Svec, Music and Theatre

She is always accommodating, encouraging, and thoughtful to the music ed students. I always feel like I can go up to her for any question and she will help me.

Darin Wohlgemuth, Economics

“Thanks for what you do” (CyThx 1) “Darin and I have offices in the same space in Heady Hall. This semester, he and I have been the main people in

Deidra Schleicher, Management

“Deidra is a wonderful department chair who truly demonstrates an amazing commitment to both to faculty and to making the Ivy College of Business and Iowa State a better place!”

Dermot Hayes, Economics

Dr. Hayes is the reason I decided to major in economics. He genuinely cares about student success. Dr. Hayes is one of the top researchers in the U.S., if not

Ebby Luvaga, Economics

“Dr. Luvaga is the most fantastic person to lead our Agricultural Business Learning Community as she does. We are incredibly lucky to have her in the department to inspire, teach,

Eliot Winer, Mechanical Engineering

Even though he has many students and is has many other important things to do in his life, he makes an effort to get to know us (amongst online learning)

Elizabeth Stegemoller, Kinesiology & Health

Dr. Stegemoller works hard to provide opportunities for students and community members to build meaningful relationships through the Iowa State Neurophysiology lab. Through lab meetings, outreach events, and holiday festivals,

Eric Smith, Supply Chain Management

Professor Smith is not only a great professor but a valued mentor to many SCM majors. His classes have an extremely welcoming atmosphere that encourages discussion among students. I have

Erin Doran, School of Education

Erin’s class is intuitive and interesting. She grades on time and provides timely feedback. She has her own opinion and brings up controversial subjects but in an inviting way. She

Erin Baldwin, Student Wellness

“Thank you for going above and beyond to help our students, staff, and community to be as healthy and mindful that we can be here at Iowa State University. We

Eulanda Sanders, AESHM

Dr. Sanders has supported me in every way when it comes to my research interests. As a first generation student, at times this degree can seem out of reach but

Eunjin Bahng, School of Education

Thank you Dr. E.J. for providing me with a great opportunity and space to actively engage in the session at ISCORE 2020 that you were facilitating. It was amazing to

Evrim Baran, School of Education

Dr. Evrim Baran is always positive, caring, approachable, empathetic and supportive and never judgmental. She extensively goes above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met. She is well-known

Garman Herigstad, Graphic Design

I’m an older student, and they have made me feel welcome. And they have also been accommodating because I have an age related handicap (arthritis.) I was worried about how

Grace Wolf, Academic Success Center

Grace cares deeply about supporting students and meeting them where they are. She pours her energy into connecting students to the resources they need and helping them build skills for

Gretchen Anderson, CELT

Gretchen cares very much about student and instructor success. She has a kindness and grace that radiates through even to the toughest of customers!

Gulbahar Beckett, English

Dr. Beckett goes above and beyond to support and motivate her students. Her support and advice have helped me to keep going and have inspired me for an interesting project

Heidi Christensen, Registrar’s Office

Heidi has a great way of communicating information and sharing her wealth of knowledge in a way that makes me (and others) feel like an equal. She is always positive

Idris Azeez, Computer Science

Idris is a student in my graduate class in Deep Learning. He has voluntarily conducted training sessions for students in the class in Python and has helped debug some of

Jacob Meyer, Kinesiology & Health

“Dr. Meyer is an amazing mentor. I can’t thank him enough for getting me through tough times during the pandemic. Dr. Meyer and the Wellbeing and Exercise Lab have been

Jacob Schrader, Economics

Jacob is extremely passionate about the Iowa State community and serves through his involvement in various organizations and committees. I appreciate his engagement in many difficult decisions and his strategic,

Jahmai Fisher, Academic Success Center

Jahmai is continually working toward creating more inclusive environments wherever she can – be it for staff, students, or the community at large. This is not easy work and I

James Andrews, History

Professor Andrews is one of the best professors I have ever had the pleasure of having at Iowa State. I have never had an instructor who has cared about their

James Koltes, Animal Science

I appreciate the effort he put into online teaching this year. Despite the online format, he worked really hard to provide valuable experiences to students in AN S 343 –

James Rodde, Music and Theatre

Dr. Rodde has made this semester incredible for his choir members despite the circumstances. He works endlessly to give us a year to remember, filled with many opportunities that we

James Shelledy, Mechanical Engineering

Professor Shelledy did a fantastic job of listening to a concern I had regarding group members. There was nothing he could do, but he took a significant amount of time

Jan Wiersema , Agronomy

Dr. Jan is someone who genuinely cares about every student she encounters. She inspires students to challenge themselves and others, and her passion for what she does is contagious. Dr.