2021 #CyThx Honorees

CyThx written in cardinal red font with gold outlines

In our fourth year, we continued to ask Cyclones to share, “Who makes you feel like a valued member of the ISU community?” This year, we collected 342 #CyThx submissions representing 113 units at Iowa State. We have shared each #CyThx with each recipient, and their unit leader. Please note, several people were thanked multiple times.

The #CyThx website hosts the message for those community members who wanted it published publicly. This year, those who requested a private messages state, “#CyThx comments only shared with the person thanked.”

Below is the #CyThx from 2021 (alphabetical by first name), or download the list of #CyThx 2021 Honorees (PDF).

#CyThx 2021: Someone feels valued at ISU because of the following people

Al Wanamaker, Geology and Atmospheric Science

Al is the easiest to talk to person and truly fosters a safe and equal learning environment. He values everyone’s opinions and perspectives. Al definitely makes everyone feel valued not

Andy Zehr, CALS Administration

Andy sees and understands his team members’ strengths and interests and works to accommodate and integrate them into projects.

Angela McMahon, Entomology

Angela is a kind and clever colleague who never hesitates to help me out when I’m trying to solve something tricky. They have worked hard to become an expert in

Anita Kay, University Library

Anita always goes above and beyond when it comes to answering questions, serving our community, and supporting the academic mission of the university. She’s super helpful, creative, and kind!

Anne Foegen, School of Education

CyThx 1: Dr. Foegen goes out of her way to support colleagues and students at all levels. She is trustworthy, kind, and a bright spot in the School of Education

Arne Hallam, LAS Administration

Arne is most generous with his time, expertise, and thoughtfulness. His efforts directly improve the quality of instruction students experience as well as the teaching with technology experience of faculty.

Becka Abraham, Finance Extension

Becka is always willing to listen and help anyone that needs it. She is also very helpful with answering questions for insurance and procurement processes. Keep up the good work!

Ben Van Dusen, School of Education

Ben is the most helpful professor! He is kind, thoughtful, and truly cares about his student’s well-being. As an advisor, he promptly answers our emails, reaches out to other faculty

Beth Foreman, CALS Administration

Beth is always willing to help in tough situations and truly cares about student leadership and experiences. I’m thankful she is on the student services team!

Beth Miller, Finance Extension

Beth’s dedication to ISU, Extension and United Way is true dedication. She also has been a great mentor and teacher. Thank you Beth for everything you do.

Bob Currie, FP&M

Bob has made me feel like a member of the team from my first day here at ISU. He is adept at helping me focus on departmental goals and provides

Brad Dell, Music and Theatre

CyThx 1: Brad embodies everything of value at ISU. He is the most caring, thoughtful, giving faculty member I know. New to chairing the Music and Theatre department, he is

Brigitte Milhous, Memorial Union

Brigitte is thoughtful about the Student Engagement office and about students. She reminds me to be thinking of so many more perspectives than my own. She will voice her opinion

Bryce Garman, Public Relations

Bryce is always optimistic and joyful. He is very understanding and is a good listener. He is excited for others and their work, and constantly works to better his friendships

Christiana Langenberg, LAS Administration

Christiana was truly one of the most positively influential figures in my life while I was an undergraduate. Though she had plenty of advisees and taught multiple English courses, there

Cory Walker, Animal Science

Cory has been a great collaborator. He is willing to work with us to improve processes for his department and ours. It has been wonderful to work with someone so

Curtis Youngs, Animal Science

CyThx 1: Dr. Youngs is one of the best professors I have ever had. He is a big reason why I myself decided to go to graduate school because I

Dan Thomson, Animal Science

CyThx 1: Dr. Thomson is enthusiastic and impactful. He is really making a difference in our College. CyThx 2: Dr. Dan has done an amazing job of motivating, inspiring and

Dawson Weathers, Political Science

CyThx 1: Dawson is a hard rock with a soft heart. He likes to joke around and give others a hard time but doesn’t let anything get in the way

Donna Niday, School of Education

Donna is providing a great deal of guidance and support to me in my first semester as a term faculty member. She is generous in sharing her time and materials

Doug Wieczorek, School of Education

Doug is a tireless advocate and support system for his ELOP students. He goes above and beyond when it comes to mentoring and advising students by providing a variety of

Elena Polush, School of Education

Dr. Polush is rigorous and thoughtful, but the kindest professor I’ve ever had. She’s always encouraging us, she sends us encouraging emails, and she remembers small details about our lives.

Emily Golden, English

I took SP CM 212 this semester, and always looked forward to going to class. Emily was kind and genuinely enjoyed teaching- she made the class fun and was always

Emily Hayden, School of Education

Shoutout for Dr. Hayden for her research in an elementary school during a global pandemic! She was one of the few people in the SOE who was doing in-person research

Emma Murray, English

Emma is a wonderful teacher. She goes out of her way to make students feel seen, and she will do her best to answer any questions you have. I am

Evrim Baran, School of Education

Over the last four years, I have had incredible support from Dr. Evrim Baran, my advisor, my mentor and much more. Dr. Evrim Baran has a great influence on making

Gail Carpenter, Animal Science

Dr. Carpenter has fostered an energizing environment at Iowa State both within her courses and at the ISU Dairy Farm. Her energy, dedication and leadership has positively impacted both faculty

Gretchen Anderson, CELT

Gretchen is passionate in her desire to help others. She is so calm and assuring and has helped me greatly in my more effective use of technology. Thank you Gretchen!

Heidi Hohmann, Landscape Architecture

As a new term Lecturer this fall, Ms. Hohman always listens to my concerns and answers my questions. She is always supportive in our discussions and possesses great insight into