Course Electives and Teaching Practicum Information

Combining GSTC approved electives that focus on a range of topics in college teaching with the hands-on teaching practicum results in a rich professional development experience. These two components of the GSTC program enable students to tailor the certificate to their own interests and professional goals.

Examples of courses that fulfill the teaching methodologies requirement are listed on the GSTC program description and application process page. However, when it comes to the electives and teaching practicum requirements there are a number of options to choose from. Consult the current ISU course catalog for course numbers and descriptions to determine if the course meets the appropriate criteria.


A number of courses that meet the electives criteria are offered through the ISU School of Education. A good place to start looking for appropriate courses is in the Curriculum and Instruction (C I) and Higher Education (HG ED) sections of the ISU course catalog.

Elective courses must meet both of the following criteria:

  1. The course is primarily about teaching and learning
    • Teach participants how to teach and/or
    • Teach participants how people learn
  2. The course has a significant focus on college-age students

Teaching Practicum

In addition to completing an Independent Study (XXXX 590) course in your disciplinary department, teaching practicum courses are offered by a select number of departments. Consult the current ISU course catalog for course offerings and narrow your search by entering ‘teaching practicum’ in the search field.

A teaching practicum course must meet both of the following criteria:

  1. The GSTC participant must be actively teaching a course under supervision during the semester the practicum credit is taken, and
    • Complete reflective writings on the teaching/learning process, and
    • Complete pedagogical readings chosen together with the faculty mentor
  2. A faculty mentor supervises the participant’s teaching and provides feedback