CIRTL Programming and Certificate Levels

CIRTL Professional Development and Certificate Levels

Professional Development

CIRTL offers a range of professional development programs on an ongoing basis. These programs include online courses, CIRTL webcasts (CIRTLcasts) as well as others. A full listing of upcoming and archived programming is available on CIRTL’s Cross-Network Events Calendar.

Certificate Levels

Participants in CIRTL events and courses are eligible to earn recognition for completing professional development activities. CIRTL offers three progressively more involved levels of certification which allow graduate students and post docs to customize their activities. Each certificate level has specific learning outcomes, to learn about each level visit CIRTL’s Learning Outcomes webpage.


Associate-level participants must attend at least five professional development events on teaching and learning and submit three short statements that demonstrate understanding of the CIRTL pillars (evidence-based teaching, learning through community, and learning through diversity).


Practitioner-level participants must complete associate-level requirements, complete a Teaching as a Research project in one of three tracks (evidence-based teaching, learning through community, or learning through diversity), and submit a two-page project report describing their findings.


Scholar-level participants must complete practitioner-level requirements, and have added to community knowledge about teaching and learning by defending their findings from the TAR project to CIRTL learning-community peers. The significance of CIRTL Scholar Teaching-as-Research work is established through presentation and/or publication of the findings to all-university, regional, national, or international audiences.

For specific CIRTL Certificate requirements and to apply complete the following PD@ISU forms: