CIRTL-ISU Teaching as Research Grants

CIRTL-ISU Teaching as Research Grants

Annually, a number of grant opportunities are available through CIRTL partnerships.

Grant Program: CIRTL Evidence-Based Teaching / Learning through Community/ and Learning through Diversity grant program

Sponsored by: ISU Graduate College, CELT, and CIRTL

Eligible applicants: ISU Graduate Students and Postdocs

Due date: Monday, October 30, 2017

Funding: Approximately 10 projects distributed across the three tracks will be funded. Projects typically require two semesters to complete. Projects will be funded at $250 during the Spring of 2018. Continued funding for the TAR award recipients, Fall of 2018, will be contingent upon the operating funds for FY18. Funds are to be used for professional development opportunities, materials related to the project, or hourly pay for an undergraduate assistant.

How to apply: Visit the PD@ISU"" website to complete the online application. Questions? email Alexis Campbell

Program Details

Proposals for this program can be in one or more of three tracks: Evidence-Based Teaching; Learning through Community, or Learning through Diversity. Though each track has a different emphasis, each project proposal must include a plan to assess student learning and how this can be used to improve either a course, a learning community or a student event. More detail about each track is outlined in the online application form.

Requirements if awarded a grant:

  • Attend three group meetings facilitated by a CELT staff member per semester. These meetings will provide awardees with feedback and support required to successfully implement projects. If you have a schedule conflict, you will be required to schedule one-on-one meetings with the staff member mentoring your projects.
  • Present findings at a disciplinary, CELT, CIRTL, or GPSS -sponsored symposium
  • Upon completion of the project, submit a report summarizing the project and results as part of an application visit PD@ISUwebsite for the CIRTL practitioner certificate.

Below are selected examples of recently funded projects.

Researcher: Jasreen Grewal, Food Science

Title: Active learning through cooperative learning exercises and video demonstrations in the Food Analysis course.

Synopsis: The purpose of this research project is to evaluate cooperative learning in a lecture class and video demonstration in laboratory class as active learning techniques in the Food analysis FSHN 410 course. Specific objectives of the project are to determine if cooperative learning enhances the student learning experience in a lecture class; if a group learning activity can be incorporated in a one-hour lecture class without compromising the lecture content; if video demonstrations before the class will improve student involvement and learning in the laboratory class.

Researcher: Yi Jin, Education

Title: Designed for Success: Exploring Pre-service Teachers’ Growth in TPACK after Taking a Redesigned Blended Technology Integration Course.

Synopsis: The purpose of this study is to investigate pre-service teachers’ growth in TPACK after taking a redesigned blended technology integration course. The participants of the research are around 6000 pre-service teachers enrolled in a technology integration course at a large Midwestern land-grant university.

Researcher: Eric Testroet, Nutrition

Title: Evaluation and comparison of the effectiveness of in-class and online quizzes on improving student learning and retention.

Synopsis: This research, in collaboration with Dr. Donald Beitz, is evaluating the effectiveness of written in-class quizzes for on-campus students and Blackboard delivered quizzes for online students on improving student performance on hourly exams (learning) and a cumulative final (retention).

Grant Program: Graduate Student Learning Communities Development Grants

Sponsored by: ISU Graduate College, CELT, and CIRTL

Eligible applicants: ISU Graduate Students, Postdocs, Faculty, and Staff

Due date: March 30th, annually

Funding: Up to $1,000 per proposal

How to Apply: Complete the online application visit PD@ISUwebsite

Program Details

This program is designed to support the development of Graduate Learning Communities (GLC) to help graduate students (Masters and Ph.D.) with first-year transitions to graduate school. Departments, graduate programs, and graduate student organizations are invited to propose GLCs that:

  • Help incoming graduate students successfully make the transition from undergraduate to graduate school by building community
  • Provide time and opportunities for students to strategize how to thrive in graduate school
  • Integrate the different components of the 1st year graduate experience, e.g. course-work, research, etc.
  • Engage graduate students early in the scholarly life of the department or program