Finding your Canvas course (Students)

When you first log in to Canvas, you will be directed to your Dashboard. The Dashboard is an easy way to access current courses. Once your instructor has made the course available, you may see the course on your Dashboard as early as the Monday before classes.

  1. Is your Canvas course on the Dashboard?
    1. ✔️ Yes. Click on the course card to go to the course.
    2. ❌ No. Check for the course on your All Courses page. See the Canvas guide viewing all courses.
  2. Is your course listed on the All Courses page?
    1. ✔️ Yes. If the course is listed on All Courses but not clickable, it is not yet available. You will have access soon and it will automatically be moved to your Dashboard at that time.
    2. ❌ No. Confirm that it is listed on your class schedule in AccessPlus.
  3. Do you see the course in AccessPlus?
    1. ✔️ Yes. If you find the course in AccessPlus, contact your instructor to determine if the Canvas course is not yet available to any students or if this issue is unique to you.
    2. ❌ No. Register for the class or contact the Registrar’s office for assistance.
  4. Are other students able to see the course in Canvas?
    1. ✔️ Yes. If you registered for the class more than 24 hours ago, contact the Registrar’s office for assistance. Otherwise, you will gain access tomorrow morning.
    2. ❌ No. The instructor has chosen to not yet allow access to the course.

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