Workshop: ABCs of Preparing Your Teaching Portfolio with Cynthia Haynes & Paul Hengesteg

2030 Morrill Hall 603 Morrill Rd, Ames, IA

This workshop, the third in a series or stand-alone, brings elements of effective teaching together so faculty can organize evidence of their teaching, analyze their effectiveness, and create their teaching narrative. Participants will identify themes in their teaching feedback from themselves, peers, and students, and connect it to their teaching philosophy statement. Facilitated by Cindy ...Continue reading "Workshop: ABCs of Preparing Your Teaching Portfolio with Cynthia Haynes & Paul Hengesteg"

Class Climate User Group – October

2030 Morrill Hall 603 Morrill Rd, Ames, IA
Hybrid Hybrid Event

The Class Climate User Group is an informal meeting for Class Climate departmental administrators to share recent discoveries, learn about upcoming changes, and discuss recommendations for administering student ratings of teaching in the upcoming semester.  If you are a person with a disability, please contact CELT at 515-294-5357 or email to request reasonable accommodations to allow ...Continue reading "Class Climate User Group – October"

Webinar, Queer Teaching for Racial Justice and Against White Supremacy (led by Sam Shelton)

Virtual Event Virtual Event

This workshop promotes methods for integrating anti-racist pedagogies into queer educational spaces to identify, understand, and ultimately disrupt the logic of white supremacy. Specifically, it contemplates the pedagogical practice and considerations necessary for educators to do anti-racist work to promote racial justice in learning queer studies and queer theories.

This session will be led by Sam Shelton, Accessibility Coordinator for Student Accessibility Services.

Webinar, Miller Faculty Fellowship Program 101: An introduction to the program featuring panelists Rachel Smith, Dave Cantor, Sara Pistolesi, and Steve Lonergan

Virtual Event Virtual Event

In this introductory session, a panel of past fellows and reviewers will share their experiences with the Miller Faculty Fellowship Program. Participants will learn from fellows how the funded research has impacted their classrooms and careers, and reviewers will share what they look for in successful proposals.

New Quizzes: Migrating Simple Quizzes

2030 Morrill Hall 603 Morrill Rd, Ames, IA
Virtual Event Hybrid Event

The purpose of the ISU-OLC is to share campus best practices to improve online teaching and learning and connect with others across campus.

CELT Talks: Student Engagement (Chad Cardani-Trollinger, Sayali Kukday, & Gabriel Rodriguez)

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Research has shown that instructors want to learn from other instructors and CELT Talks is an interactive platform where instructors can do exactly this. A panel of instructors from diverse disciplines will have up to 15 minutes each to share their expertise in forums on specific topics. Student Engagement is the teaching and learning topic ...Continue reading "CELT Talks: Student Engagement (Chad Cardani-Trollinger, Sayali Kukday, & Gabriel Rodriguez)"

Webinar, Effectively managing disruptive conduct in learning spaces

Virtual Event Virtual Event

When disruptive conduct takes place, some Iowa State University instructors recommend addressing it immediately. Their advice: remain calm, assess the situation, and listen to student concerns. Especially recommended: provide a clear, firm response consistent with what you've given other students.

Webinar, The Power of Learning Science with Digital Course Materials

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Hosted by the Iowa State University Book Store/Heather Dean Join Dr. Rachel Van Campenhout for a deep dive into VitalSource’s award-winning research on the effectiveness of the “Doer Effect,” a Learn-by-Doing approach based on learning science that improves the overall study experience by helping students discover what they know and where to focus next. This ...Continue reading "Webinar, The Power of Learning Science with Digital Course Materials"