Mindful & Contemplative Pedagogy Programs

Mindful & Contemplative Pedagogy Programs

Join us for CELT’s mindful and contemplative programs to promote contemplative practice (mindfulness) in the learning environment.

Interested in learning more about this teaching strategy? See the Mindful & Contemplative Pedagogy page.

Upcoming programs

Explore the benefits of mindfulness in online learning

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Learning online can offer different challenges and especially so during the time of a global pandemic. Using mindfulness practices can mitigate heightened anxiety and stress in your learning environment. Join Karen Couves (CELT) and Carrie Giese (Student Wellness) as they explore the student perspective of mindfulness in the online classroom. Participants will experience mindfulness practices, share their ideas of building community and connection with students, and leave with ways to incorporate more mindfulness in their lives and classrooms.

Karen Couves

Creative and mindful activities for your classroom (and your life) (Jordan Brooks)

In this time of virtual meetings and classes, some analog mindful strategies can go a long way. Join Jordan Brooks, Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Student Success in the College of Design, for some creative exercises you can use to decompress and recenter. You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to benefit from these creative practices. Just bring a pen, pencil, and paper and join us.

Jordan Brooks

Making art for mindfulness online workshop (Letitia Kenemer)

The term “mindfulness” conjures meditation, breathwork, and mantras, but many creative activities are also contemplative and intentional. Memorial Union Arts Coordinator Letitia Kenemer will guide online workshop participants through a series of three exercises to create visual reminders of mindful intentions and values. Instructors are welcome: these exercises can be used in learning environments. Together, we will explore vision boards, the process of choosing “your word”, and create mini Zen gardens.

Read a feature about Letitia Kenemer in the Ames Tribune Iowa State University Workspace is a portal to the arts article (Nov. 18, 2020)

Letitia Kenemer showing design supplies in The WorkSpace at Iowa State University

Patterns unfolding at Reiman Gardens (Sarah Merritt)

Let us dedicate time in 2021 to reflect and celebrate what connects us to nature and to each other. This spring, Reiman Gardens welcomes the season with a sculptural exhibit ‘Origami in the Garden 2.’ Like origami, nature folds and unfolds in breathtaking ways. The living earth gives a sense of peace that can be incorporated into personal and learning environments. Reiman Gardens’ Education Manager Sara Merritt will lead our discussion by first sharing unique horticultural displays, programs and events associated with this exhibit intended to provide the Ames community with a place to contemplate, meditate, recenter, and heal. From origami workshops to peaceful plant walks and nature-inspired poetry, learn more about mindfulness opportunities and the application of these practices at your university botanical garden.