Training from ISU learning tech partners

Training from ISU learning tech partners

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Discover features for a number of the ISU Instructional Tools via the training opportunities listed below. For pedagogical ideas, visit the Instructional Strategies page or email

Alexander Street Trainings

Visit the on-demand webinar page for a full list of Alexander Street’s webinars or choose from one of these pre-recorded how-to videos:

  • Using the New Video Player
  • Creating Clips with the New Video Player
  • Using the New Audio Player
  • Create a Custom Playlist
  • Tips on How to Search

Echo360 Webinars

View these Echo360 professional development webinars via the Webinars – Echo 360 page (60 minutes each):

  • The Choice of Teaching Modality After Covid-19
  • Getting Back to Regular – Use of Echo360 for Online Teaching in the New Normal
  • How to Use Interactivity to Optimize Student Engagement

Immediate Access Training

Iowa State is now using eBooks accessed by the VitalSource Bookshelf Reader for immediate access content needs. Instructors have access to books and student engagement data in a tool called Instructor Dashboard.

On May 12, 2021, a virtual training was held for ISU faculty, covering the topics below.

  • Instructor Dashboard: Accessing instructor dashboard and engagement data
  • Bookshelf Reader: Navigation, features and study tools

Unable to attend the live training? Watch the recording of this session. You will need to enter the password k3vv!$0. in order to access the recording.

Webex Demos and Webinars

Webex Daily Demos on Webex Meetings, Webex Assistant and More!

Locate and register for demos via the Webex Demo site.

The world of work is changing, and Webex is here to make collaboration simple, secure, and innovative…all within one application! Join us as we explore the key functions of Webex as you discover the benefits of improved collaboration. We will create collaborative spaces to message, share files, have meetings and more. Join us and see how Webex can make you 10x more productive and turn you into a rock star!

Webex Education Connector: Ramping up for Virtual Education

Locate and register for these and other live Webex Education Connector webinars.

Explore best practices and strategies for getting started with an online, face-to-face, live environment. The facilitator will share tips and tricks for student management and engagement during the class. The underlying technology discussed will be the Webex Education Connector for Learning Management Systems.

Webex: Using Breakouts in Webex Meetings

Locate and register for these and other live Webex Meeting webinars.

How would you like to break out your meeting participants into smaller groups allowing them to collaborate and share ideas over audio and video? Use breakout sessions for workshops, classrooms, or when you need a moment to talk privately with a few participants outside of the main meeting. Join this lively class and check out what you can do in breakout sessions as a meeting host, co-host, or attendee.